Friday, August 19, 2005

What happened to Miss Evil?

So, some curious readers (8 婆仔) ask me about my relationship with Miss Evil in the previous post, and whether did I take initiative to court her.

The answer is no. I found out that she is already in a relationship through Tang. I think Tang smell something fishy and warn me ahead, very sensitive and observant of her, perhaps. Probably too many people fall for Miss Evil easily before (I am victiom no. 101). I have this stupid Principal No. 1: Never court a girl who is currently in a relationship. Reasons? Probably stupid I think. Probably I think that a girl should have left her current releationship if she is unsatisfied or unhappy. If she is still be with her boyfriend, then probably she is a happy girl then. Another theory is most people are afraid to break off from their current relationship, due to 2 reasons. i) since they have established a relationship for years, it would be wasteful or pityful to throw that all that down the drain ii) they are afraid the next one would be worse, or there will be no next one. So, they end up being very toleratable with their current partner (which is a good thing as well, since toleration and compromisation is important in a relationship, as long as for the right reasons). So, if I would like the girl, I hope that she would be someone independent and able to make the best decision for herself with lesser fear. Probably a lesser reason would be I "accidentally" and almost in a relationship with a girl (some misunderstanding) during secondary school, which one of my friend like very much. So, I kinda feel guilty and the feelings is no good. The lucky thing we were not technically in a relationship, and I didn't make the fatal mistake of breaking up with her because of my friend as well :) The thing just didn't work out. A blessing in disguise.

Yup, I am left with more time trying to make more money again. If I have a girlfriend in the near future, there is much for me to sacrifice, especially with so many things going on at the moment. There is no absolute is this world, as the only certain thing is the past. Anyway, the next one should be someone worthy, someone which I would willingly and stupidly give up a part of my plan and dream in exchange for assumed happiness. Sounds a bit too "realistic", but this is the logical mind talking.

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