Friday, July 15, 2005

It is all about women and money

Recently I have a renewed interest with Miss Evil (finally I got her name right) again, as she seems to be giving me all the right signals. All the attention and smile and conversations do make me feel goods and tempted to start a new relationship with her. It had been almost 3 years since I broke up with my ex, and I have since focus my time and energy on my freelance work (I still have a day job) with hope that one day I will have my own software house. Being single for too long have me fully organise the schedule for my own leisure activity and work, and I am doubtful that I have time for a serious relationship at the moment.

I have been thinking about this for quite a while, and I am very sure I would put priority on my work to start a business. In other words, I won't be able to be self-sacrificial if we have a relationship at this moment. I feel that it is a bit unfair to her, and I would feel guilty about it. Personally I think one of the most important elements of relationship is to spend time with each other, and we should enjoy it (duh!) and understand each other better. Of course there would be compromise and tolerance, but it should be fair as well. I must be able and willing to perform my duty as her boyfriend, else it sort of beat the purpose.

I am still in a lot of deep thoughts and in quite a dilemma. I think she is a worthy girl which I quite like, and I shouldn't let go easily. Though I have not figured out the long-term plan, but probably I would ask her out for a date to spend some time to know her more before I rush into any serious decision. I think it would be suitable at this stage not to make any commitment (until I am ready for it), but just spent some casual time together and see what’s come out from it. Like Weng & Nike said, "Just do it!". Or at least, don't give up easily and give it some try.

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