Monday, July 18, 2005

Immobilised Day

Last weekend I am having those immobilised day, where I have so much to do yet I can't do any. Perhaps I have reach my psychological limit and needed a rest for my soul and mind. Perhaps I am just in one of those bad mood day. Perhaps it is writer's block. My mind just go blank and I can't do anything or write any code. I just feel tired and don't feel like moving or using my brain. I just want to sleep or watch TV. My mind refuses to work.

I found that these kind of day happens once in a while, where I would feel lost and "immobilised". I might ponder about what I have been doing all these while, whether these are the right things I wanted. I will start to question my quest without coming to any conclusions. Am I doing the right thing?

Come to think of it, I should have really relaxed myself during weekend. I have been working on weekends for the past months and have not been getting sufficient sleep and rest on both weekdays and weekends. All these while I have been planning my work, perhaps I should have plan for my rest and relaxation as well. I am just a mere human who definitely need rest, before I burnt out or fall sick big time.

In the hunt for success & glory, we might forget about ourselves.

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