Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lost of someone not too close

Yesterday I heard my colleague Wynn was sobbing after lunch. When I stand up, she was already surrounded by a bunch of female colleagues. I found out later her boyfriend meet with an accident, and it is quite serious. Later I was pulled to a meeting, and she was gone when I was back.

Actually Wynn is more than a colleague, I knew her in college through another friend, Ting. They were my juniors. I meet with Wynn's boyfriend through several BBQ events, all held at Wynn's house. His name is Xiang; he is a quiet and playful chap. They have a very close relationship, and it seems like they would definitely get married when the time is right.

Somehow I feel his lost as though I feel it on behalf of Wynn. She is such a sunny girl, with all laughter and playfulness. I never quite see her in a sad mood, most of the time having that cheeky smile on her face and trying to bring goodies from her hometown to us. I am worry by loosing her boyfriend would take all her sunshine away from her. Somehow I felt her lost, as the same way I felt how close their relationship were. I feel like giving her strength and comfort, but I just dunno how. I am not sure what I can do for her now.

Last I heard is that her boyfriend had passed away. The news really makes me uneasy, but I am sure it is much worst for her. I am worry about her.

Take care, Wynn. I wish you well.

I want to believe every event had a purpose, but we mere mortal just cannot see the big picture. Or izzit this are all just random events.

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meiru said...

Life is full of uncertainties. We won't know what will happen the next second. The only thing that we can do is to appreciate what we already have. But human usually will only realise and start to appreciate when they lost it, pretty sad huh?

I don't know what can I do to help Wynn. Let's just pray for Wynn and Ah Siang...

Wynn, you gotta be strong! Ah Siang will look after you at a far far place ...