Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Melaka Water City

Few weeks ago I went to Melaka Water City with my colleagues. Actually the place quite sucks with nothing much to do, but the most important part is the company and we do have great fun.


Jonker walk (can't quite find a nice site with good description and photo) is a nice and interesting place to shop (IMHO, it is better then Petaling Street). It had a lot of antiques and fabulous old style baba & nyonya design.

Jonker Walk

In an old style restaurant

Melaka Water City is just a few condominium/apartment surrounded by some water with a small a shallow pool. Nothing much, it has a tiny go-kart circuit with 2 workable kart.

Water City (don't be fooled by its view)

Pretty Gals

At night, it’s party time. Rathi bring it the alcohol supply, but she couldn't get the Tequila so she gets Jack Daniel instead. The guys play the "House of Torture game", chaired by Tang. Basically the looser have to be punished when you loose the card game. Punishments include using lipstick to draw you armpit, followed by using the same lipstick to draw your face, hehe. I was busy learning to play Mah Jung, so I don't get to use the smelly armpit lipstick (lucky me). Michelle is the first to vomit (too much JD shot as punishment), followed by Kenny when he went for second round of Vodka shot with Weng's gang.

Kenny Armpit Drawing

Kenny Ready to Vomit after too much Vodka

Since we have so much fun, Rathi is already started stocking the alcohol for our next event. She promises both JD and Tequila for the next trip.

Nothing much happen the next day. We went for breakfast and a few round of go-kart and head home. Nevertheless, the trip is quite enjoyable. I make a good video out of it, but I couldn't actually host it on Google Video due to Copyright issues with the music. Maybe I can find time to rip the music off, but then the video won't be that nice.

Mei Ru Go-Kart Pose (too cute to be real)

Me and Michelle


Travel Video

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