Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mind-Boggling Thought: The Evil will always haunt you

Have you ever done something wrong and the images keep coming back to haunt you from time to time? I did. Sometimes while I was pondering, I would thought of one or two little stupid thing which I did and somehow regretted. It is usually "evil" stuff, embarrassing stuff or really stupid spontaneous action. But trust me, all these memories are all kept in the dark corner of your brain and comes out to creep on you once in a while.

As Human, are we naturally more incline towards good or evil? Do we naturally do evil and feel bad about it, or do we naturally do evil and feel good about it? Does our gene understand good and evil, or it’s learned though culture, experience and education. I dunno about you, but I do feel really bad when I did something wrong; maybe I am not the adventurous type. But does those who kill, steal, rob, rape, hurt others feel remorse in them, or they feel totally good about it. I know some people have to perform certain bad deeds in the name of survival, but do they really enjoy it? Some people say you would commit a crime when you know that you won't get caught. I think it is partially true, I might steal or cheat, but would I kill or hurt someone? I dun think so.

Conclusion (Mine, at least). If all our requirement and desire of life are met, no one would want to do evil. Every time someone committed evil, it is because he or she wanted to gain something, or afraid to loose something. Like people steal for money, kill someone to protect themselves or their family, etc (maybe do evil for enjoyment?). If we have nothing to gain or loose, we won't commit evil anymore. At the same time, would we still do good? Hmm, this is getting really complicated.


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