Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Story of 2 Miss 8 (8 婆仔)

When I first write this blog, I didn't plan to share it with anyone close to me or know me personally. It was meant as a way for me to express my most true feelings and opinion, and I don't want to have any writing barrier. If I want to keep it personal, why create a blog site then? Hmm, there are a few reasons:
  1. I want to immortalise my memory and thoughts, not having to loose another diary. Blogspot is hosted by Google; thus they should have a good data redundancy plan in place. Besides, Google have a good reputation of creating quality product and had not charged for anything yet.
  2. Blog seems to be the IN thing now. I don't mind people who I don't know to read about it, in fact I am quite glad someone read it (every piece of writings needs its admirer). But I would not like those close to me to read about it. Even if you know me and happen to stumble upon this blog, please don't tell me you had found it (I give you permission to be secretive, and is okay for me to live in denial).
  3. Blog is pretty convenient in the sense that I can post from anywhere in the world (as long as there is an input device connected to the Internet). Besides, I can attach some digital photo as well, which are too common nowadays anyway. Too bad they don't allow me to post my digital video yet.
Okay, what happen yesterday? Mei Ru told me that she found my blog site a few days ago. I was thinking WHAT!? I told you not to tell me. But she claims that I didn't tell her, maybe I didn't. She thought I was playing games with to find my blog, so it was fun for her. This is depressing news for me, as I know she would be reading from now onwards. Questions? Would I still be able to write as truthfully as I used to, without hiding anything? A question even myself can't answer it, only my blog will tell the truth. Anyway, I kinda push Mei Ru to buy me Sushi for telling me something that she is not supposed to (disregard of whether I told her to do so or not, hehe). I like Genki Sushi anyway, affordable sushi with Citibank Clear Card 20% discount. So, if you know me and you tell me that you found my blog, penalty is a good meal of sushi.

Okay, what happen today? Christine told me that she found my blog site as well? WHAT!? Why did you tell me? WHY!? I am very sure that I told her not to tell me, if she ever found it. She didn't quite explain she have to tell me. I would have to guess she is too happy about it, and need to share her findings with me. Else, I would have to think she couldn’t keep secret from me (Open Book policy), even though I had given her the permission to hide it from me. Now she is telling me she want to see my reaction after she told me, while I was writing this. Very bad of her.

So, what are the similarities of these 2 person, whom I know and first found my blog:
  1. I told them about the existence of my blog (silly me!)
  2. They are my close friend at the moment (probably do too much online chat)
  3. Both of them very 8 (as usual)
  4. Both of them very playful (totally inconsiderate)
  5. Both of them laugh about their finding together (4 the coincidence perhaps)
  6. Both of them are not very kind person (at least 4 2day)
  7. And they kinda irritate me (probably 4 more than 2day)
So, what is next. The important lesson is not to tell anyone about my blog anymore (no more self-promotion). Actually there isn't anything quite wrong with it, just that I am afraid it would create some psychological barrier in my personal postings. What is the effect of this incident, besides being make fun of by 2 girls over the IM. Hopefully nothing. Actually I am quite happy that they found it, but just a bit disturb by the fact that I know they found it. This is an extraordinary day. A happy day. A good day.


meiru said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH... what should I comment about this? I would say I found this game really really FUNNY (I really thought that it's a game!) And, I've found the answer!! How cool! hahahhaa... If Christine did not tell me that you asked her not to tell you if she ever found your blog, I guess I would straight away tell you that BINGO!! I FOUND IT!

But the funniest thing is, this is not the end of the story yet, Christine found it a few days later than me, and both of us told you that we found it!!!!!! hahahaa... I guess there's some kind of "link" between Christine and I..hahah...Christine, GIVE ME FIVE!! hahahhaha...

BTW, I found it on 10 Aug, some time around 12 - 1am I guess...

Actually you should really appreciate us that we actually put in our effort to search for it, and once found it, we read those articles that you posted.. until midnight, sacrificing our sleeping time! Do you feel touched by this? kekekekk...

And now, after telling you, we spent time writing comments.. (another sleepless night) hehe... And how suffer I am, wondering should I tell you that I found it (since as far as I can remember, you really didn't tell me not to tell you), and I need to control myself not to laugh out loud in the office today after I knew that Christine found it as well!

Anyway, blog is supposed to be shared, if you ever found my blog (another game is starting), pls DO tell me..hehe..

1 thing that I want to stress here, we're NOT 8 poh chai, we just show our concern to our dearest friend! ô-ô hehehe...

This is really a memorable day, 18/8/05 and 7月14 (盂兰节) in chinese calendar!

Last but not least, is there any other things that you want me to guess? ;)

christine said...

hi hi ! 1st time to leave my comment in your blog, you must be very happy.....hahaha.

christine said...

Well, you must say thank you to meiru and me , without these two 8 poh zai...I think that you will have such a fun day.

HaHa, I don't find that we are bad. Since you make know ( sure you must know, since you are IT person) all the blog in the internet are open. HaHa, we just your admirer and push up you self-esteem. You know, it is really difficult to found such kind of "Admirer" to you. I think except meiru and me, it is difficult for you to find the other admirer who are playful, kind, close with you(yes, since chating online all the time), considerate ( i think we are, since we know that you need admirer). Also, I agree that it is your honour for you since we scarifice our sleeping time to seach and read your blog!

Actaully, you are bad, not us. How come you give Meiru punishement, ask her to buy you sushi. If I were her, I will not do that. You should buy more suishi for her, since you have your admirer, do you need to celebrate it! Next time you see me again, remember to bring lot of suishi for me to eat. Ah, remember to bring Champagne! Cheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, no need to worry! Don't be afraid! With us to read your blog, it will train you to write more good things with better grammer, better organising. Ah, may be I will find some friends who are editors to publish some of the good article in the newspaper. Then, you will be a Start! Yeah! Another Champagne!!!!!!!!!Cheers!!!!!!!!!heehee

HaHa, actaully, we are not your admirer, but also your ghosts.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, we always follow you wherever you go from right now. Nothing you can hide from us....... I will clebrate with Meiru on this day every year! To be your Ghost.......

Ah, one more thing, I have already creat my blog la. Remember to "TELL" me also if you find it, I will be super happy!!!!!!!!But no hints to give you, you are so clever, you must seach it and go into it! see how many days that you find it la. If you find it within 3 days, that you will get a present from me.....yeah! Meiru, do you want to creat such kind of game to him? It will be very funny.

meiru said...

Christine, should we celebrate on 18/8 every year? or 14/7 (chinese calendar)? hmmm....Maybe follow chinese calendar is better hoh? since we're his pretty ghosts!! this is fun, man! hahhahha...

d_luaz said...

hmm, it is good 2 c 2 of such hungry ghost having a good time here :)

and since when Mei Ru become sunflower?

but indeed, should frame up this memorable blog :)

christine said...

Good idea! Meiru, let's celebrate 14/7 (Luner Calendar) every year! Desmond........haha, 2 pretty ghosts are following you all the time! Watch out! hahahaha