Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Yesterday Mei Ru and Michelle join us for our weekly dance class, and probably would stick around for the next 12 weeks. Michelle likes dancing all these while, as she had participated in Belly and Line Dancing (so she feels quite at home). Mei Ru on the other hand is trying to figure out if she actually like dancing, or at least what kind of dance. They went to have a look at the Rock & Roll class and the New Jazz Class. At 1st I think Mei Ru is quite interesting with the New Jazz dance, as probably it sounds more interesting than the "oldie" Rock & Roll (or any other Latin Dance). Besides, being a New Jazz Dancer could be quite an interesting feminine talent. But, I think the class is kind of filled with young girls (16-18 years old perhaps) and the music is kinda kidish (I think is Jolin's (蔡依林) 野蛮游戏). Since she is not that young anymore, so Mei Ru decides to join the "oldie" music group instead :)

Question: How do we know if we really like dancing? I am not sure whether there is love at 1st sight for dancing, but it sure didn't happened to me. At 1st I was just pretty curious, and felt like doing the things which I never try before (out of the box thingy again). When I joined for the 1st class, it is not instantaneous love as well, but there is some attraction in following and joining all those simple steps together to form a dance. So far, I think it is still pretty fun, maybe it is the dance, maybe it is the crowd. Either way, I think I'll continue to stick with it for a while longer.

Now the class is crowded with much more girls, with Mei Ru, Michelle and another woman as the newcomers. If the senior men are not around, a lot of the girls would have to dance a lot without partner (lucky for me!). I think Michelle is picking up well in the class, as she had strong dancing background. Mei Ru seems a bit blurred, but some home practice could solve that easily (unless you are lazy and forgetful). It is another fun night, just might be a bit crowded (probably due to the raised rental at the place).

At the same time, Tang might think of joining a new Hip-Hop class. Like New Jazz, Hip-Hop seems like another trendy dance which appeal to youngster (are we still young?). It might be interesting to explore it further, as I am quite interested as well. Just afraid it might end up as another class filled with kiddies and we have to chicken out again.

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