Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Utopia@Tech.Corp One (Software House)

I decide to post all the serious stuff at Utopia@Tech.Corp One (Software House) instead of Blue Dragon. I will discuss about my work, programming, management, product development, sales strategy and alike at Utopia. Blue Dragon will only focus on those free & easy stuff.

Just posted the following articles at Utopia, based on something I posted in my day job to various people.
  1. Programmer Symptom: Weak Documentation and Support
  2. Transition of culture from System Integrator to Software House
  3. Basic Policy when Positioning an Employee
  4. Migration from Early Market to Mainstream Market
I just realised it had been a year since I last posted there, it sure doesn't seems that long.

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christine said...

Just scan through your letter to CEO. It is good for you to make this effort in the company. It's not easy to do that...