Friday, August 05, 2005

Dream Girl had Arrived (when I least expect it)

Before I write further about my KK trip, I feel like writing something about this girl I meet during my KK trip. During the trip, Alan tries to hoax us about 3 pretty Hong Kong girls that would be joining us. He start describing his close relationship with them, how they ICQ until midnight and alike (I am not sure he likes one of them and he is trying to introduce them to us and his just wanna us to meld well together). Anyway, it turns out they are 2 girls and 1 guy, and 2 of them are couple. So, we are left with 1 available girl.

The 1st time I saw her I found nothing special about her. Though you could say her looks is above average, but there is nothing particularly stunning or attractive about her. We didn't have much conversation together during the trip to Padas, until I break the ice when they didn't understand one of the guide's pronunciation of "Sun Lotion". After which she let down her coolness and became very friendly. After some conversation, I found that she is very friendly, expressive and straightforward. She is an interesting person, where others (including me) could easily feel for her. She wanted to join us to climb Mt. KK, as her trip to Mt. KK is one day later than us. My gang and I have no problem with it, but Alan could not arrange for her. So she have to climb the mountain alone. I was a bit disappointed, as having her around would be fun and interesting.

We were separated again after the Padas trip, and reunited again when we went to Pulau Tiga. Our conversation was normal throughout the trip, as we still stick with our own gang. We get closer when we went for volcano mud dipping at Survivor Island (one big ice breaker), which was a pretty funny experience. The mud felt funny and scary at first. Everyone was laughing and it was really fun and memorable. The mud taste was terrible, make sure you keep you mouth shut. I was having trouble keeping myself sank, as the mud push me afloat easily. After the mud bath, we have to walk through the jungle as mud man for 20 minutes before we reach the beach to wash ourselves. We take the chance to take some sunbath with our mud on as well. We took a lot of mud man photos.

Human Mud Sculpture
(Back Row, from Left to Right) Michelle, Mei Ru, Christine, Joanne
(Front Row) Chee Hong, Me, Terrence

Her name is Christine, and she is a social worker for school. I was fascinated with her job as well, as there aren't much full time social worker I know of in Malaysia. We all gathered for games at Mei Ru's chalet for game that night. Christine came out with some interesting games, which test our observation, and thinking out of the box ability. Some manage to guess the answer within minutes, while other might take more than 24 hours (sleepless night for them). Some are more enthusiastic (Alan), while other stay dormant and feel sleepy (Mei Ru). Anyway, the game was very fun and interesting, and we have a lot of laughter. Christine has a lot of tricks under her sleeves, as she is after all a social worker that organises events for school kids. I think this will be a memorable moment in the few years to come.

We did spent more time when visiting a few island and snorkelling. After the island trip, we have dinner and breakfast together as well.

Frankly, I couldn't keep her off my mind after the trip. We keep in touch using IM. Mei Ru asked me of my feelings toward her. I quite like her, especially her personality. I suddenly realised that she actually met most of the potential girlfriend criteria I told Mei Ru sometime ago. Besides, I have this theory of marrying a teacher (a story for next time), and a social worker for school is pretty close. After some conversation, she knows I am fond of her. But I didn't ask her if she likes me yet. I don't wanna rush into things this time, and I should know her betta first. I can see 2 main obstacle i) she is in Hong Kong, so it is gonna be a LDR ii) she is a Christian, she hope for someone to have a spiritual connection with her (I haven't not been converted to Christianity yet due to some stubborn reasons, story for next time). Basically, she is the most promising girl so far in my life, so izzit because the hormone is pumping hard. I plan to know her betta. I am not sure what going to be done next, just keep my finger cross and see how it goes. BTW, my ex relationship is also a LDR, which makes me a little phobia of LDR. It is tough, expensive and verbal. BTW, her ex relationship is also a LDR, which lasted 6 years (OMG!). Mine was 2 years. BTW, Christine is a few years older than me ;)

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christine said...

Hee hee, "when I least expect it", this phrase is good.........wondering if your dream will come true........ah!!! " When you least expect it" ......haha, very useful phrase. I like it! ^.^