Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka! (National Day)

This early morning is 31 August 2005, Malaysia's 48th Independence Day. Merdeka means Independence in the local language (also national language), Malay (Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Malaysia).

Well, I go to work as usual in the morning. I don't drive (though I usually don't drive as well) because there would be some major road closures and it could end up as an extremely unpleasant driving experience. Everyone try to get out of the city as soon as possible after work (unless you are in for the celebration) to avoid the crowd who would gathered around KLCC, Merdeka Square and Bintang Walk (Putrajaya and Sunway for those not in Selangor). There would be performances such as traditional dances for various races and tribes, singing by local artist, drums and definitely fireworks (though I couldn't hear much of them from my place).

So, what I did during the celebration? I am supposed to join Li Mun and Tang for Merdeka clubbing at The Loathe (I have no idea how izzit, where izzit or whether I spelt it correctly), but I have to cancel that due to various inconveniences. It is kinda sad as nowadays I have to follow younger girls for organising clubbing outing; my clubbing days are so over! Arghh, I am old. We end up having ice-cream for dinner at Swensen's in Sungei Wang. The girls seem to have much craving for ice-cream, and they ordered The Volcano which has about 8 flavours in it. Yummy, it does taste good actually, though I am not an ice-cream fanatic. The salted pepper mushroom is nice as well; they should give us more mushrooms. We have our usual chit-chat, about Tang's new mushroom hairstyle and Li Mun's onion hairstyle. Though they kinda complaint about their haircut, but I think it is pretty okay since they look cute. People start go gather on the street of Bintang Walk to watch some performances. Actually Swensen's is kind of a good spot to watch the performances, as we can have a good look at the stage, more spacious and comes with air-condition. Sounds like VIP seat to me. We leave the place around 7.30 p.m., I have to go to PJ to catch a ride home, Li Mun is going clubbing with friends and Tang is going home (I think). I thought of staying around the busy streets for a while, but what's the point. The performance just ain't that good without a good companion. A lot of youngsters (small business entrepreneurs) take this opportunity to sell lots of celebration spray, guess a lot of people are getting sticky tonight.

Is kinda a sad nite to stay at home during countdown, though I won't like the congested crowd out there as well. Go online, do some support work for MyMRP (my homemade Manufacturing Resource Planning software), watch some nice TV Series "Just Cause" and write this blog. Happy Birthday Malaysia, wherever you are. I pray for peace and prosperity :)

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