Sunday, September 18, 2005

Impact of new working environment

As of last Monday, I was posted to the client site to work on an offsite project. This event had the following impact on me:

  • I was left crippled without the ability to go online with IM. It seems like I have been addicted to it recently and missed all my chat buddies.
  • Since I don't spent time on IM during work, there is a sudden boost of productivity due to great concentration. Conclusion? IM is bad for work productivity.
  • Nowadays I depend a lot on Internet to do my research, and slow Internet access is bad for productivity.
  • Internet Explorer is less productive than Firefox in browsing and downloading. Since I am not allowed to install new software on client's machine without permission, I sort of have to tolerate with lousy IE. I hope Internet Explorer 7 will be much more superior and productive.
  • I seems to enjoy working at the client side, because more convenience for travel and parking. Besides, I don't have to listen and handle stupid management decision here. We get to drive out for lunch everyday as well.
  • Suddenly I felt the detachment of my previous work and commitment for my company and team. I felt that I no longer played a significant role and someone had replaced me. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, as no two person should be assigned the same role and responsibilities.
  • Finally I get to work on C++ development on UNIX environment. It is not as bad as I thought, given that a productive environment is setup after a lot of cursing. Given the speed and momentum I am on now, maybe I could finish the work within a month before the next round of testing. But like all other Software Project, there are many unforeseen events.
  • There is a happening place nearby with lots of futsal and pool table, only if I can get the guys to go there on Friday night.
  • The downside is I have to travel back to city after work for my dance class. Luckily it is an anti-traffic direction and it only took me 30 mins and RM2 for parking.
  • It is a bit inconvenience for me to blog after work on weekdays anymore, so the blogs should pop up on weekends only until further notice.

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