Monday, September 12, 2005

William & Luisa DanceWorld Dinner & Dance 2005

Yesterday night me, Tang, Li Mun, Kenny, Michelle, Mei Ru and Rathi went to this William & Luisa DanceWorld (William and Luisa is supposed to be multi times regional champions during the 90's) Graduation cum Dinner & Dance party at Sri Petaling Community Hall. RM 40 a pop and it is for charity as well. I got to wear for the first time a white long sleeve shirt, which I bought a few months back, and then only I noticed I haven't been out for partying that long already. Li Mun had a puffy right eye that night (due to 眼针), and we had been making fun of it for the past week. We saw a table number on the ticket, thus we thought there would be seating by table, but we was disappointed with only chairs around a basketball court and buffet eat on lap dinner. Besides that and the disfunctioning of the Ice Kacang machine, everything else is pretty alight.

The night started with a swamp of auntie performing line dancing, and they seem pretty good and enjoying themselves. There are a few hot auntie who really stand out, could really felt their enjoyment. Most of the night is filled with line dancing, which I think 80% of DanceWorld students are line-dancing auntie (I think this is the mass market of dancing industry at this moment). There are some Latin and ballroom in between, but they are really short-lived. At first we were quite afraid to go out and dance, as every else seems so proficient (flexing every inch of their body parts, filled with style and elegance). Somehow, we managed to convinced ourselves and join the crowd in a few dance of Cha Cha and Rumba (too bad no rock and roll). Only me and Tang danced, and I kinda feel bad didn't ask Li Mun out for a dance (but there are only so little songs for non line-dancing). Rathi didn't get to dance as well. Once we are out there, we just kinda feel okay, trying to ignore the others and try not to knock down anyone. It was fun, but if we were better dancers would make it an even more enjoyable experience. Really need to work on the style and flexing. Michelle enjoyed her line dancing a lot, and she is in full purple dress. Kenny is busy taking photos and videos until the battery runs out. Mei Ru seems a bit bored, but Kenny and Michelle get to accompany her.

After the dance session is the graduation ceremony. Those graduates are young and beautiful/handsome dancers, who are really very good. They even have Best Student award for different categories, really quite a big dance academy (as compared to centre I am learning - 爱之花 - it means flower of love, but it also sounds like AIDS flower in its pronunciation). The ceremony is followed by excellent performances of line dancing, hip hop, break dance, ballet, Latin and others which I dunno what they are. They are 2 girls that I noticed excel at different kind of dances, amazing. Young, pretty and multi-talented dancers, what else could be asked for. All the dances are really great, and everyone enjoyed it. I think dancing really could be a very fun activity, thus it strengthen my mind to stick with it longer, and perhaps take up Hip Hop besides Latin as well.

By the way, I won a gift hamper during the lucky draw, number 0167. I think this is the 2nd time I won a lucky draw in my life, not much of gambling luck in me either. A lucky night. I contributed the hamper as part of the office's food supply. We went off quietly about 10 plus, where I sent Tang and Li Mun back and have supper at Remember To Eat (记得吃). We took a photo of the 3 of us sticking our head together (I think we never took photo together before), will post it up once I have them. Just notice Li Mun's eye is getting more red and puffier. Also notice a very nice purple butterfly necklace, should have taken a picture of that as well. I reach home around 1:00 AM and need to work the next day :(

Here is a video of the dance night (taken by Kenny and posted by Mei Ru)


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meiru said...

Yeah, really felt bored that night, the food also so-so, not very nice. But I did enjoy watching the dance performance, esp. hip-hop and latin :)

oh, btw, Rathi and Li Mun did go out and dance for a short while.

christine said...

ha ha, I saw your dancing video. Thanks for Meiru to send it to me (WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION! ^.^). I know that you will not mind to giving me to see it. You dance quite good....keep on practising, so that you can be dancing king.