Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Small Vacation Plan

I think now I am in a vacation craze. For the short-term trip, I was planning 1-2 weeks outdoor/nature trip, probably to Vietnam, Nepal or Silk Road (depending on the budget and companion). Vietnam look like a nice and interesting place, being less developed with some excellent nature spots, small villages and perhaps some historic ruins and religious place. I have considered Thailand and Myanmar as well, but security and safety concerns turn me away (frequent bombing in south Thailand, and political instability in Myanmar). Besides, Vietnam is cheap and near, thus making it the most possible and easier candidate. It should be a light and easy trip.

The next candidate is Nepal, a poor country with magnificent mountain view. According to Christine, we can ride elephant and do water rafting, besides mountain trekking which should be the main agenda. There are many excellence mountains, including snow mountains as well. I could easily expect 6-8 hours of trekking, which could last up to 8 days or more (depending on how good am I). It would cost me around RM 4000 and above based on the information I found at Malaysia Mountain Goal. If I have the money and enjoy trekking and primitive mountain living, then this would be my choice then. Lots of rocks, mud houses, superb mountain scenery, non-stop trekking, snow, sounds good to me (Not sure if we could reach Tibet, hehe).

The best candidate to me is Silk Road (or rather Xin Jiang), which would be the most expensive choice as well. Here is a good description of the route of Silk Road, which I have no idea about. I just read about Xin Jiang, and I enjoy the grassland, the clear river, the vast lake, mountain view, old sand castle and the native and their goats. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking, and I had already fallen in love with her. Silk Road has more variety of landscapes compared to Nepal and she definitely look like heaven on earth. I could imagine myself sleeping on the grassland, looking at the blue sky, listening to the smoothing water stream and surrounded by goats, perfect. Very few things in life could get better than this.

I though of Bora Bora before, but the place is far and expensive, though it is a good relaxation spot. I still prefer land activity as compared to sea. Perhaps keep it as a place to go when I have the extra cash or when I had reached middle age.

I hope to travel to one of these places in the near future :)


meiru said...

haha.. suddenly I remember last time I joke with you that u might meet your soul mate during the KK trip.. n now u met your dream gal..

Looking for another dream gal or soulmate in another trip?? hehehe...

christine said...

Meiru, I think that Des is looking for his another half in his life. Then living together forever happily.....haha