Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lepor Waterfall at Ulu Langat

It’s time for another Travel Blog again; I shall try to make it sweet and short, hopefully.

Last weekend I spent 2 day 1 night hill trekking and camping trip at Lepor Waterfall, organized by MMG (RM 60 per pop). This time is kinda a big group; around 12 of us I think (Rathi and Friend FFK at the last minute). We have a lot of newcomers as well, such as Kenny, Ting Hui (cute little girl), Elaine (kinda innocent look), Chiu Nuan (Tang’s Friend), Lim and Chim Sou. The trip is very pleasant, as every one of us have fun and interesting characteristics.

Ulu Langat is quite a big place I think, with a few spot for picnic and bathing as well. You can join the nature outside, or you can trek for 2 hours to enjoy her inner beauty (the trek is worth it). The weight we have to carry is averagely 10 KG person, including camp equipment and Ah Kong’s stuff (publicly shared stuff). Since the journey is short, it shouldn’t be any big issue.

The road is wide, so the journey is pretty pleasant and simple. Only Lim and Elaine had some problem enduring the track, but you can be slow, and everyone shall reach at the end. Some part of the track is pretty steep and take the breathe out of newbie trekkers.

Our camp site is next to a river, so it is pretty cooling. The MMG Guys (Brandon and Ah Thong) quickly setup the camps and we get ourselves ready for lunch. Lunch is provided with sandwich and banana. We had it near the waterfall, and that’s the beauty of nature trip. Surrounded by running water, cool air, greenery is pretty amazing, and not to forget the good companions who shared the same passion. And we get to enjoy some fresh fruits as well, somehow they just taste better up here (I shall never forget them for all my Nature Trip, they are so refreshing).

The first activity is abseiling or something like it. They put a rope from the middle of the waterfall to the bottom, and we descent rock climbing style in the running water and jump into the water at the end. It is pretty interesting and not too difficult. Everyone was pretty nervous and cautious in the beginning, and everyone made it safely. As there a many of us, only a few got a second try. In the 2nd round, I would try a more difficult water path, go faster and enjoy the scenic view of running water from the top, and try to jump into the water in a more adventurous style.

The rest of the day is simple enjoyment. We took a bath and long chit chat while waiting for dinner to be served. Due to boredom, most of us turned into a cam hore. The food is not as good as Chef Fong’s cooking at Gunung Rajah, but most food taste delicious while we are in the nature. A long chit chats after dinner, and I was feeling pretty sleepy. Everyone went to sleep after Tong Sui session.

It is not very cold up here; the tent is more than enough to keep us warm. Floor Mat or Sleeping Bag is pretty important as the ground is very cold.

We woke up around 8 plus the next morning, had a good breakfast and played a survival and rescue game. It is supposed to be a quick course offered by MMG as well. One person have to pretend to be injured, and the rest of the team had to figured out a way to mobilized the injured to safety, and utilizing simple compass as well. We did a few mistakes here and there, but it as nevertheless fun. Perhaps it is important for us to take a few lessons in first aid and survival as well, since we do trekking quite often nowadays.

After that is start packing up and go downhill all the way. We drop by a hot spring on the way back, but it isn’t very interesting. After the trip, seems like we manage to attract more people to enjoy trekking.

Somehow, it seems impossible to keep these postings shorts no matter how hard I tried. Enjoy!

Photo Links: Wynn's Multiply, Mich's Multiply, Mei Ru's Mutiply, Tang's Multiply, Chim's Multiply 1, 2 and 3


Anonymous said...

Hello D_Luaz,

I find your blog on Lepor Watarfall interesting as I think that it would be a nice place to go for a break from the city. Do you by any chance have a map or directions to this waterfall?


d_luaz said...

I'm afraid I dun't have a map.

But I started off from KL, taking Jalan Loke Yew towards Leisure mall in Cheras and wait at the Petronas station. Then we took the toll, and keep/turn left right after the toll into a trunk road. From there, follow the sign of Batu N (N is a numeric value), after 20 mins of drive there is a left turning near a traffic light (not sure is there a sign pointing towards Ulu Langat). After some distance, there is a small junction to the left (not sure if there is a sign either), taking a very small broken road to the starting point.

I know it may not be very helpful, sorry dude.

Found the coordinate of Lepor/Lepok waterfall here (, perhaps u could have a look through Google Earth.