Thursday, July 20, 2006

How Bad Ideas make it Big Time

Here is a list of Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Idea that makes it big time, and the top of the list is Million Dollar Homepage.

Now, there is always something which work against the usual and the conventional, abnormities which must exist out of too much normality, the ghost within the machine, to prove that miracles does happens and you can actually win a lottery.

Come to it, how could this idea actually work and people would pay money for it. First of all, out of the 6.5 billions of people in this world, there are bound to be a few (we just need 0.000015% of support) very stupid or crazy people who would buy the idea. Then we need a few more fellow who is desperate enough, plus a few more with too much money but no avenue to spend it on, and a few more genius who actually predicted that this advertisement would actually make its prime time.

Perhaps it isn’t that ilogical as well. Internet users have the tendency to like idiotic stuff, funny stuff, outrages stuff or illogical stuff. Look at the number of emails which fall into out inbox each day and how many of them actually falls into these categories, and we actually like it and most people will continue circulating it.

Perhaps this is the future of advertisement. Create something idiotic/funny/outrages/illogical, then slip in your sponsors advertisement and start emailing. It’ll spread like wild fire. Even better, make your advertisement as such, and it’s already happening.

Anyway, if a bad business idea does not consume too much of your time and money, and you felt lucky; perhaps you could buy a lottery as well and your dream to become a millionaire might come true.


Kenny said...

If an idea is brought to fruition and it made millions/billions of ain't dumb at all! The person who thought it up is now rich...that ain't dumb!

It's the consumers and the people who pay for these products/services that are dumb.

It's a legal 'con'...taking advantage of people's stupidity and bad taste...kinda like Britney Spears' popularity....but law abiding!

An idea is not a 'bad' idea if it achieves what it's supposed to achieve. (Make the executor filthy rich)

d_luaz said...

hmm, so bad ideas are ideas who failed? no Successful bad idea?

Anyway, as long as it makes big bucks, I don't really care what kind of idea it is.

Perhaps it is just an unconventional way, think from the "impossible" side.