Saturday, July 29, 2006

Programming 101: One Choice is a Good Choice - Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is the new kid on the block, where Ruby is the language and Rails is the web development framework. I think ruby is a pretty nifty and interesting language (I am still learning it) on the same par as LISP, PERL and Python (though I haven’t tough any one of these before). Ruby is certainly much niftier as compared to Java or .NET, but it might be harder to pickup by newbie. But once you get a hang on it, it should be pretty powerful and productive.

Rail is perhaps the only know web framework for Ruby, and probably it is the framework which makes Ruby famous, and a definite framework leader. So, no hassle here, when you choose Ruby, you had chosen Rail as well. I don’t even bother to look for alternative Ruby framework, as it seems powerful, promising and well supported, and that is good enough for me. Rails is just 2 years old, but it had the entire framework featured built in, especially MVC and ORM. Isn’t it felt great when you have such an obvious leader, no hassle and get right into production?

In terms of IDE, I am using RDT (Ruby on Eclipse), which seems simple and lightweight, with all the benefits of Eclipse as well. Other options includes
I have not used any of these, but it seems like Arachno is a popular commercial choice. Perhaps ROR is still new in its early stage, thus there don’t seems to any prominent leader appearing. If you want it free, use RDT; if you have the money, try Arachno; if you own a Mac, use Textmate.


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