Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cari-Cari Makan: Johor Food Fest

Last weekend I went to Malaysia Tourism Centre thinking they have some Travel Fair going on, end up it is a Food Fair instead (The banner focus on Tourism rather than Food, misleading).

Anyway, there isn’t much good food on show as well. A lot of dry food here and there, but I am not very interested with those. We are trying to have our lunch here, but there don’t seem to be much interesting options around. We end up having Penang Laksa (quite alright), Malay Style Dried Kuay Teow (not bad), Ramli Burger (Disappointing), Mixed Fruit Ice Blended (Pretty Cool) and ABC (Average).

The place is super hot as well, due the heat since recent weeks. They have a live band and some Maggi contest going on, and no F&N The Tarik competition in sight. Ya, they have inflatable castle for the children as well.

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