Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gunung Rajah Day 3: Downhill all the way

I totally forgotten about my Gunung Rajah Day 3: Downhill, so here it goes.

The Unforgetable Group (Though I forgotten most of their name)

We work up, busy packing our stuff and clearing the rubbish, and off we rush downhill with the speed of lightning (just kidding!).

Usually downhill is faster, but the leg shall hurts more as more pressured is applied. We took 2 days to climb up, and 1 day to go down. The path along Gunung Rajah is indeed confusing, even with the sign left by our team leader, Mr. Up Down. If you did not concentrate, you could mistakenly take another path easily. I took a wrong path once, but realized it once I noticed the land is too soft and there are too many thorny plants which are not there before. The price to pay? Got scratched severely until the scar is still on my hand today. Luckily we managed to climb back to the right path.

An extremely good hiking shoes does help a lot as well, else you would slide easily. Tang told us it got something to do with our movement and steps, she said there is a hiking steps to be learned. I still wonder is it the shoe, or the step. Anyway, I think shoe with bolder and bigger tracks are better, as the soil and mud are less likely to get trapped within and cause the shoe to loose grip.

Downhill is definitely more relaxing, nevertheless tiring as well. There is less pressure to keep up with the rest, and you get to enjoy the scenery more, as you know exactly where you are and how long to go before the next stop. But the bag doesn’t felt lighter, even though we had consumed all the food, weird.

We pass through some very steep slope, walking along the top of the hills (the scenery is pretty nice here), go down through the bushes to our first camp site. There is another group of Malays already camped here, seems like Gunung Rajah is quite a hotspot. We freshen up near the river, refill some water, pick up our baggage (we left some cloth here to reduce the weight), and on our way to the scenic water place for our lunch.

Icy Cool Water

What’s the best thing for lunch in the wilderness? Maggi mee, with egg plus hot Milo, yeah! Probably one of the most memorable meals in life. This place is really nice, with a huge rock platform for resting, and icy cool water for swimming and Jacuzzi. No kidding, the water is really freezing. Anyway, it is kinda fun to get into the water; at the same time kinda worry my body couldn’t withstand the sudden mixture of cold and hot.

Wow! Delicious!

After a good rest, I kinda felt slightly “sick”, shit! Mei Ru and I started to pick up our pace, before I need someone to carry me down. After an hour or so of trekking, I kinda felt better, luckily it is just a false alarm, or trekking could ward off minor sickness, haha. Soon, we reach the flat land with a few more hours of trekking to go. Somehow, kinda felt flat land trekking is extremely tiring and demoralizing at the end. What to do just keep the pace and continue walking, and after a long journey, we found CIVILIZATION!

Last Pit Stop

The next best thing in trekking is to take of your shoes and your sock at the end. The feet need the bareness and fresh air, yeah! We take a cool water bath in a dark public toilet with no light, and proceed to dinner at Bentong before going back to KL.

Tiring like Hell (Though this look slighly fake)

This is really a very fun and kind group, and I am hopeful to join them more in the future. Too bad I had been busy ever since, and had skip at least 3 one day trekking trip with them. Life is so CRUEL! Let me breathe some fresh air!

Photo Link: Gu Wen's Multiply 1, 2 and 3

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