Monday, July 10, 2006

My Mid-Year Review

A glance back what I had accomplish on first half of 2006, down memory lane and to find out what had actually happened?
And still trying very hard struggling with productivity and procrastination (getting things done), and trying to manage Motivation and Discipline. And trying to accomplish my dream of entrepreneuring which basically means make some money with Malaysia Most Wanted. Perhaps making money is not the whole point, but it is kinda like a reward and milestone. Probably need to pick up and apply more business and marketing skill as well.

  • Get myself together (increase Productivity, decrease Procrastination)
  • Have preseverance (Motivation + Discipline)
  • Let the ship sail smooth and steady (Turning Idea into actual Working)
The Good Side:
  • MMW is growing steadily, with much potential and space for expansion
  • The freelance works helps to lessen my financial burden for a while
  • I still have much faith with the idea, and Simon's contribution is extremely valuable
  • and I have her by my side in a very supportive way

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