Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gift of Heart Part I: My First Serious Paper Craft

It all started with me in the mood of giving the people I like and appreciate a small Christmas present, and end up delaying the deliveries and come up with something more personal than I initially thought.

I hand made a paper craft for Tang, with many help and guidance from my dear friend Wynn (she left for Batu yesterday, and I really miss her). I don’t think I did a really good job, but it is my first attempt at such a challenging paper craft anyway. I saw Wynn made some flowers and ball-shaped paper craft for Mei Ru, thus I decide that this might be a good choice of gift for Tang. It is hand made and it should look nice, and I always like hand made gift better (it shows the person’s patient and appreciation for us). Besides, it would be nice for me to learn to make some paper craft, and Wynn is there to teach me.

I got some origami paper from Popular bookstore (I stumbled upon them while getting some stationeries). I had bought a gift box earlier, thus I thought it would be nice to make a ball-shaped paper craft and put it inside the gift box. But it turns out the origami papers I bought are too big, end up making a ball-shaped paper craft which couldn’t fit into it. There are many varieties of ball-shaped paper craft to choose from, as Wynn had the book. She made a 64 pieces combo one for Mei Ru, but I decide to not to take up too much challenges for the first time.

Equipment used to accomplish "Shooting Star"

I choose to make “Shooting Star”, a 24 pieces combo which looks nice as well. I do it with 2 colours of shining paper, blue and red. Four pieces will combined as one side, making a total of 6 sides. 4 sides will form the centre ring, while 1 each of both the top and bottom. The result isn’t perfect, but it is on best effort basis. I spent about 5 hours to make it (it should take around 2 hours for newbie), due to many un-concentrated hours watching the TV series playing continuously on Wynn’s computer.

Ladies and Gentleman, my first serious ball-shaped paper craft, the “Shooting Star”. Luckily it turned out pretty alright, else I would have to think of something else. I decide to use some present paper to do some creative wrapping. It turns out looking like a hanging cake box. The present is ready and good to go.

The Final Product: "Shooting Star"

All Set to Go

The Gift Box

I pass it to her last Thursday on my farewell dinner treat to her. I didn’t get to see her open the present, thus I am not quite sure if she likes it or not. Anyway, I am happy about it with one mission accomplished.

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