Thursday, January 19, 2006

Meeting Wynn's Friends

Yesterday Wynn gave me a ride to PJ, where my sister was supposed to pick me up there. On the way home, I was invited to kind of a farewell dinner for her. At first I was reluctant as there were quite a lot of them and the feeling of potential awkwardness kind of turn me off. Then I remembered there isn’t dinner at home tonight, so might as well join them (and also to test my socialising skill).

We went to her place first, where I took a nice nap in her small room with air-con, covered by many pillows. I think I managed to get a 30 minutes sleep time there, feel so good. Wynn had a lot of quite pretty and funny girl friends, but most of them have boyfriends. But the gang look like fun and happy people, and it is good that most of them stay together or nearby. It is nice to have a bunch of good friends to hang out with, much like college time.

Dinner is at some obscure places in SS2, with about 11 of us. Let’s talk about Wynn’s friends, since they are most interesting to me. Ah Zan is a guy with big face, he is slow but can be funny at times. We have another guy who taught Mei Ru lots of Hokkien. Then we have Edmund (to be heart broken soon, or already heart broken, as the girl he likes fall for someone else), quite good looking but perhaps lack some personality. Then we have San San, a very cute and adorable girl, perhaps very Pat Kua as well. San San’s boyfriend, look like an honest and stable chap, and quite tall as well. Then we have a tiny girl study design, she is cute and she smiles sweetly when reading SMSes from her boyfriend. Then we have a Pharmaceutical girl, which Kenny supposed to meet after seeing her photograph, too bad he is too busy that day. She looks pretty as well and she had a boyfriend now (no luck, Kenny). Then Wynn tells me she likes my photo from last cycling trip in Bukit Cherakah, make me so happy. Then her boyfriend is quite a handsome chap as well. Then we have the Hup Seng daughter, who looks pretty, with short hair, tan, sweet, quiet and single. If visit her during CNY, maybe can get a tin of free biscuit. Besides biscuit, we can get free tyres, oil palm, medicine, furniture and etc from her friends as well.

The dinner is fun and simple, with lots of laughter. Wynn drives me home.

PS: I will miss Wynn when she went back to Batu.


meiru said...

Hey, Wynn said you tak malu, first time meeting Hup Seng daughter, asked her for free biscuits, hahaha...

And where's the picture of the tallest guy + shortest gal? heheh..

christine said...

ai ya, too bad that the girls have their bf, you don't have chance tim, poor!!!!