Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kuantan is a Magical Place for me

Kuantan is my hometown, which I left in 1998 for studies in KL and had since migrated. I had been quite a long while since I last went home. I did it twice in December 2005, the first time to attend Wei Kang wedding is quite a rush; while the second one for Chin Chuan’s wedding is quite a pleasant 3 days trip.

Anyway, I did quite some thinking subconsciously while I was there; partly because I am too free at times, and also from what I saw from old friend around me. Anyway, I drawn two conclusions:
  • Marry young could actually be a good thing (not too young though), as long as you find the right person to marry to (certain level of maturity is required). Lets say you get married at 26, you would have 2 or 3 years more to enjoy your marriage life before having kids. Will have more time to know and understand each other without too much pressure and interference, and sort of strengthen the relationship. If you get married at 30, probably you would be rushing for a kid immediately or by the next year due to the biological clock ticking; thus the marriage would end up to be quite a rush and missing many enjoyment of a good marriage. Besides, have kids early will lessen the generation gap.
  • My relationship with people around me have been on my mind for quite a while, with the need to know who I had a crush on, who I actually like, who I actually want to be with and what kind of girl suits me more. Maybe it is due to the fresher air in Kuantan (or the flashback of 18 years of me there), I kinda got some answer from there. I still agree it is pretty easy to have a crush and like someone, especially since I am single. But some of these crushes don’t last, while some others are well maintained and grow over time. As a beginning, I realise who I doesn’t want to be in a relationship with, as I found more pain, dissatisfaction, incompatibility and unhappiness (it isn't that serious actually, just minor feeling here and there). At the same time, these help me to understand what kind of relationship I really want, and which girl I really like and suits me more. It is a great relief to know. I am not trying to very logical this time, as it is very confusing and difficult to analyse so many human and emotional factors. I let my heart do the thinking this time. May I have the strength and wisdom to move forward.

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