Sunday, January 29, 2006

Amazing Chiang Mai Trip Part VI: Nigh Bazaar and Home

Today is the last night we spent at Chiang Mai. The place we stay is quite near to a night bazaar, thus we decide to go there for a walk and shopping as well. This is a night bazaar with lots of goodies, food and some performances. It is fairly hard to describe all of them, but I shall try my best with words and left the rest for the pictures to take care off.

First we have very nice and sweet strawberry, which is absolutely delicious. They have some meatball thingy, and some other fried stuff. They have drinks served in bamboo, cakes, Thai pancake and alike, and fried insects as well.

The highlight of this market is the goodies on sale, while the food is meant to fill our mouth and stomach full along the way. Goodies include all kinds of dolls, clay and wooden figurine, lantern and lights, bracelets and necklaces and many more. All these stuff look nice and unique, and most important of all, cheap!

There are some people playing some musical instrument along the way, while other sings. There is a guy who looks like Ronaldo showing off his football skill, keeping the ball off the ground without using his hands. He is really good, and I drop him 10 Baht. There seems to be some festival there going on there, many girls from all over the province are performing some local dances, singing or speeches on the centre stage.

We bought many stuff for Christmas gift exchange, and also as souvenirs and some others for our own keeping. Tonight is Christmas as well, but Chiang Mai had no sign of Christmas celebration at all. We had ice-cream at the hotel, but there is no Christmas atmosphere at all. The town seems so dead.

Time for Christmas gift exchange. I bought an Ocarina for Tang, a clay flute; Lee Mun had a dolphin beanie and a silver bracelet with green beads. I got a big doll from Lee Mun, and a small doll figurine from Tang.

This is the last night here, and we shall take a flight home tomorrow morning. I really enjoyed Chiang Mai, as she is adventurous, beautiful, fun, polite, delicious and affordable. I shall miss her a lot, and hopefully one day I shall return for a different kind of adventure.

"Goodbye, Chiang Mai"

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