Friday, January 20, 2006

Farewell, My Friends (My Farewell Speech)

Yup, it is the time to write an email to bid farewell again.

It had been almost 3 years since I joined XXX, since 03.03.2003 (good number, I thought it would be a good omen). Looking back at the XXX group photo taken near a beach sometime ago, almost half of them are no longer here. So many had left. The Boss who employed me left after employing me, The Supervisor who I report to left me as well, The Managers who persuade me to stay are gone and The Big Boss himself also no longer here. So, this is my time to leave (luckily no one report to me).

I miss XXX, not the company nor the place (though the yearly trips are really good), but the good people who work with me. You all are more than colleagues; you are in fact a friend. I guess we share a lot of happy moment together, pleasant conversation and outstanding outings. Minimum or no office politics are detected. Though I miss you all a lot, but I just can’t convince myself to stay. My work is no longer challenging nor rewarding, and I feel at lost with low productivity.

For those who is interested to know, I am off to take a small break and do some small freelance jobs to bring in some pocket money to aid my survival. Would be working on some of the ideas on my mind all these years (yet have no time to work on it), which hopefully would secure my long-term survival. If you have any good paying freelance job offer (only flexible time/place work, not interested in full time employment or contract, unless they pay extremely well) don’t forget to let me know.

So friends, I shall be missing you all. In fact, I start to feel sad when cleaning up my desk. Do count me in for future outings, as you all are a big part of my social life (I have no life). My personal email is, and my hp is still the same: 999 9999999. Feel free to call and buy me breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner/supper, as I would appreciate your kind sponsorship.

Again, I shall miss you all. I wish everyone has a good life ahead, and may great happiness bestowed upon you all. May all our friendship somehow miraculously last longer than its original life span. You all are someone of importance in my heart, truthfully.

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Kenny Lee said...

Leaving after the bonus huh?