Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gift of Heart Part IV: Mini Clay Figurine

Wynn is leaving soon (this is a back dated post), and Mei Ru reminds me of the idea of making something for her. I think I should, given that I really feel close and comfortable with her. Since I had already fallen in love with clay work, then I shall make one for her. At the same time, Mei Ru stalks a Totoro from me as well. Why not.

What to make for Wynn? I know she likes Tare Panda as well, but I don’t want to make the same thing twice. I know she had some Mashimaro dolls in her room as well, thus this might be a good choice. Then there is this thing going on between her and Mei Ru, where she would always draw a tortoise on my hand. Perhaps a tortoise for her? I asked her directly, and she asks for a tortoise happily. The day before I make her gift, she draws a tortoise with a big head and tick tack toe on its back on my hand again. This seems like a good idea.

This time I would make something smaller. Not only it is cheaper (less raw material used), but it shall look even cuter. I shall make a cute tortoise first, with brown colour body and green colour shell. I make one big shell with dark green; can cover it with 9 lighter green spot for the tick tack toe effect. I use a blade to carve the cross and the circle. Then came the big head with 2 black eye, and four feet with carved toes. It looks pretty cute, but the colour might seems a bit too dull.

I decide to make a white Totoro (still haven’t figure out whether its name is Bom Bom Ba or Ji Ji Ja), since it is cute and simple. One big round white body plus head, and two bunny ears. The eyes are made of squash black, white and followed by black again. A simple and very cute little white Totoro is born, yeah!

Time to bake them using the same style again (put them in a steel pot and heat it up, as mom put it, avoid wasting gas in baking such a small toy). This time mom made a wrong estimation of the baking time, as the figurine is smaller this time. Actually I thought of that as well, but I forgot to remind her. So, the base of the figurine got burnt a bit. The tortoise had a totally black shining base with a half shaded body, while the white Totoro had a brown base instead. It isn’t that bad, as now they look kinda unique, one of a kind limited edition.

PS: The piece of shit is actually meant for Mei Ru, as she draws them on my hand the day before.

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