Thursday, January 12, 2006

Romantic Escape Service for New Parent

When I read about Ducky’s experience (this is really funny) about newborn kids and frustration due to lack of opportunity and conducive environment for sex, I can feel his blood pressure mounting. Having kids is a happy thing (though there are many frustrating moment), but sexually deprived until a married man have to resort to porno and left or right hand is just bad. With the kid stumbling upon parents having sex and ask “why is daddy kookoochiew inside mummy pet pet?” is just classical and funny (buahahaha).

This remind me of western TV series, where the parents would usually hire a babysitter on the weekend so that they could go for a romantic dinner and alike, but yet still end up worrying for the kids instead. This got me an idea, why not we setup a service to help parents take care of the children for a day or two, and plan a romantic getaway for them during the weekend as well.

Package A: Free & Easy
  • Professional Babysitting for 6 hours
  • Romantic Candle Light Dinner arrangement

Package B: Romantic Weekend
  • Professional Babysitting for 48 hours
  • Romantic Spa and Massage treatment
  • Romantic Honeymoon Resort/Apartment/Hotel
  • Romantic Candle Light Dinner arrangement
  • Flowers and Bed of Roses included
  • Transportation included
  • Just bring yourself, everything else is taken care of (condom, Vaseline, sex toys, sex videos, music, toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo, towels, facial wash, etc)
  • Let us know if you have any special request
Since new parents are already so stressful with neither time nor mood to plan a simple but romantic getaway, I am sure they don’t mind to pay a small amount to get a long awaited romantic escape with absolutely no hassle :)

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