Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lazy Honeymoon Year of 2005

In the midst of rushing for 2006 and all its pre-celebration, the idea of doing a “closing” for 2005 skipped my mind. Since I did a New Year resolution for 2006 in 2005, I might as well do a closing for 2005 in 2006.

Generally, 2005 had been a honeymoon year.
  • I had 3 fun-filled vacation to Taman Negara, Kota Kinabalu and Chiang Mai (plus a mini company trip to Melaka)
  • I joined Latin dancing, and later Hip Hop/New Jazz. It had been really fun, and taking up lots of my free time as well.
  • This is the most Karaoke-ed year of my life as well, but still no time to pick up on some new favourite songs.
  • I had a blog, and that consumed a lot of time and brought me a certain level of happiness as well (not to mentioned memory immortality). Perhaps, a new form of communication as well.
  • I become more “human” and fun in the sense I learned to let go of myself (less serious) and enjoyed life with friends around me. I think I am becoming a better person.
  • Some great parties, memorable celebrations and night outs
  • Some really good friends, enjoyable and comfy
The downside of 2005
  • My freelance work had not been picking up (in fact, I had become lazier)
  • My day job had been disappointing and boring, which make me even lazier
  • I haven’t reach my mark of RM 100K per annum
  • I still haven’t found my soul mate (thus I get to be single, not that bad, but not for the long term)
  • Have many brilliant but unexecuted ideas (I am a lazy boy)
I shall nick 2005 as “Lazy Honeymoon Year” for me.

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