Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hip Hop Class

Yesterday was my 1st Hip Hop class. The class start at 9.30 P.M, which was pretty late as I had reached KL about 6.30 P.M. I was thinking of spending my time at Borders Bookstore to kill time (coffee and books, sounds good to me). Luckily Tang and Li Mun invited me to their house to have dinner at 7.00 P.M, so I ate there, chit chat and watch ASTRO (some Korean series about women tackling their unfaithful husbands). It is kinda funny and awkward having dinner with them in the house, sitting at a small table next to the balcony, it just felt so homely. Their house is in the middle of the city, which is convenient and dangerous at the same time. The surrounding is sometimes quite dark, especially the stairway (they stay in a townhouse).

We walk to Al Chifa (the dance studio) from their house, and I observe one thing. It seems like a lot of guys take notice of the present of Li Mun easily along the way. I noticed that at least 3 guys stare at her (in a very obvious manner) along the way from her house to the main street. Tang double confirmed my observations. Guess she is quite popular around this area, hehe :)

Tang makes the effort of organising the class and getting the people to participate (perhaps she should do sales rather than programming, since that she is quite good at it). We have me, Tang, Li Mun, Steve, Kenny, Mei Ru and 2 newcomers (a boy and a girl, and the boy does have a very hip-hop-ish look). Jeremy, Fion and one of Li Mun's friend couldn't quite make it for the 1st class. The class starts with stretching, and it reminds me of my body's inflexibility (I hope it doesn't affect my learning too much). Thomas (the instructor) kinda prepares a more challenging dance step for us. Leaning Hip Hop is quite different from Latin, as Thomas teach more steps at once and emphasis is put on posture, style, direction and strength since the beginning. I always thought Hip Hop is a displayal of attitude and confidence. The first class is pretty alright, and quite challenging as well (which is a good thing). Hopefully this class can last until the end, den we will form a new hip hop group (probably need a name for us).

I am pretty occupied with dancing nowadays, with 3 classes per weeks, not to mentioned at least RM 120 per month (quite an amount of fix expenditure there). As long as RM 120 can buy some small happiness and I can still afford it, it should be quite alright :)

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