Sunday, October 23, 2005

A playful child, Am I?

I never considered myself a playful child, as I thought I was pretty much a boring person. Not very adventurous, laws and rules abiding, and perhaps not very creative as well (though I like to think I am). I focus much of my energy to studies during school time, as I am not very good in sports and club activities. I would like to be good in sports as well, but just don't have the agility and talent. I wish I could be both a smart kid and be active in sports and school activities (a modal student), but I just can't and accepted that. I am glad that I am at least good at something, and I want to be really good at it.

How playful can I be? I am not playful; I don't play tricks on people or crack jokes easily. I am quite woody, dunno how to initiate a conversation or praise people smoothly. I don't take initiative in events, and I am definitely not the sporting or adventurous type. Somehow, I just like dancing and clubbing, and perhaps go for trips once in a while. That is very normal right? Perhaps lately overwhelming with clubbing and some super expensive Latin D&D (entertainment expenditure is on the super high side). But these are really fun, and do bring me a lot of happiness. It is not like this kind of activities come along every year and every month, where you have a bunch of friends in the mood to go out and have fun. I have experience "draught" seasons for a few years, and luckily I am "blessed" now (not doing evil really helps).

Perhaps in someone's eyes, I might be a playful child. I always think of myself as an Introvert and a Simplistic person, but no one believes me. Perhaps I have changed on the outlook for the past few years, but I think I am still fundamentally the same (just different presentation). Perhaps I had learned to be a bit open and know how to have fun besides working hard. I believe I had turned to become a better person (more flexible, cheerful, talkative, understanding, less stubborn, selfish, close-minded, shy and cowardly), but not everyone understand or think the same. I have to be myself (remind me of my accusation to Ah Tang of her being too self-focus of being herself). Perhaps, believe in my transformation and myself. I believe it is for the better, and I could be playful after all (though still an introvert).

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