Monday, October 31, 2005

KLDA Gala Ball 2005

Yesterday I went for yet another Dinner & Dance event with Tang and Li Mun, the KLDA Gala Ball 2005. This event is probably the most Grand I had ever attended (1 out of 3), held at the Manhattan Ballroom of Berjaya Times Square Hotel (no more community hall or sports centre, YEAH!). Jeremy and Irene joined us as well, together with the cool couple Pheng and Corine. We arrive on time, and the place is indeed grand. Most people dress up nicely, with pretty evening gown and penguin tuxedo to be seen. Our table is number 35, which is not bad at all.

The night started with speeches from a chairman (forget his name and position), followed by a dance by him and his wife. I like the way he say it, "This is not a dance demonstration, but is how dance is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone". Looking at their dance and listening to the ever classic Chinese song in the background, I suddenly felt this is the way we should grow old. They look so elegant and happy, and the mood just feels good. I want spend my old age like them. The man seems like quite a gentleman and humble person.

The night is filled with performances of all kind. First of all, we have some dances (not sure what kind is it, seems like have some element of Waltz) from 4 middle age couple with Tuxedo and pretty evening gown. It is followed by performance by Malaysia Cheerleading Champion, the Dynamitz. This is an energetic all girls group, with very nice uniform as well (remind me of how Mei Ru might look like in her cheerleading years). Their voice sounds grouchy, and they perform a few carry, flip and throw as well. They have very happy looks on their faces, and I am sure they enjoyed themselves. The next in line is Cowboy/Western line dancing by 2 groups, the 20's and the 40's (their group name are Western Babes and Dude, and Bells). Then we have the Latin and Ballroom dances, which is ever so enchanting and admirable. It is just amazing to partner someone and come up with such amazing performances. But sometimes when you go too professional, it might just bring all the fun out of dances itself. It seems like the price to be paid if you want to be a champion. The rest is followed by various Latin dances, which I missed some or couldn't remember the name of their performances.

At the end, we have Tan Soo Suan and Dama Orchestra. She is an enchanting and powerful singer, where she is at her best singing Chinese oldies and some romantic English songs. She did a few Malay and Latin songs as well. The entire performance is superb, and I manage to have 2 dances under the present of her enchanting voice. All the performances ended with the floor opened for dancing, which is my favourite part. I did Cha Cha Cha with Li Mun, and Rumba with Tang. Thomas brings the girl out as well, but he is not concentrating (perhaps too boring for him, he need his professional partner). Somehow Jeremy left at a hurry with the excuse to feed his cat, thus not dancing. Irene avoids dancing as well and left. The dancing session is pretty short, but we manage to have our opportunities.

Tonight we have 3 very pretty girls: Irene, Tang and Li Mun. Irene had a hairdo with her hair tight-up with a few front drop (not very good with describing hairstyle), black mini top and knee-length skirt. She did quite some makeup, so she did look pretty amazing. Tang has a pink-white-flowerish full dress and some makeup, and I think tonight she looked the best for as long as I have known her. Very sweet and lady-like, and the style suit her as well. Li Mun looks ever cuter tonight, with a very cute black evening dress and side way tight-hairdo. Pretty light and simple makeup, with black boots as well.

The night ended well with supper at "Remember to Eat", where the girls dress too well and caught many attention. Reminds me of how young Li Mun actually is at heart, and how Tang had matured and how old I had become. It is a good night :)

PS: Photos are still with Irene, I hope she will pass us some softcopy.

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