Thursday, October 27, 2005

SS2 is Vibrant

Today we went to SS2 for lunch, as Muscle Man Chim wanted to pay for his car installment. Again, we are faced to the dilemma of where to have lunch; cheap mix rice or ala HK style small restaurant/cafe. We settled for the later.

Somewhat we choose Boon Tong Kee (Hokkien Slang, as it is Singapore-themed after all). Two things you shall notice about this shop: colors and cry out uniqueness. The place is pretty small, but the crowd is there. We went into this nice cool and dim shop, with very colorful wall and so so deco. The menu is very colorful and nicely done. But it is pretty darn hard to read the menu, as everything is too colorful. They even use those special girlish star stickers to tag recommended food with 4/5 stars. I ordered Salmon Rice and Lemon Coke, while Chim got himself Chicken Rice and Coke Float. The place look hip and trendy (though they can improve on the deco and wall pictures a bit), but the crowd is family and working class. Perhaps it is lunchtime on weekday, as I was expecting it would appeal to youngster and couple. Again, it might not appeal to poorer youngster and couple, as the food is above average. My salmon rice and coke cost me about RM 15 (plus 15% tax minus 20% discount).

The first dish that arrives is 2 cookies look-alike packet, where it is actually wet mini towel. Then came the chicken and salmon rice that look identical, except the chicken and salmon. They have sups in the cup. The came the surprise, Chim's float coke is a super big cup together with cocoa-crunch and Leong Fun. We got a good laugh over it. The food is pretty okay, not much complaint. They have funny IKEA spoon, fork and knife, and square plates. They use color paper to fold a special holder for the fork and spoon, and another big piece of color paper as tablecloth. After we finished our food, they offer us free Leong Fun dessert with honey (heart-shape somemore, but seems so wierd giving it to us). Chim don't like Leong Fun, so I have it all. When we call for the bill, we have 20% discount as well (hurray!). Perhaps this shop is very new. Conclusion: The mood and atmosphere is pretty okay for young people and couple to hangout, they food is okay but the price is above average.

While waiting for Chim to go to the bank, I walked around SS2. I found SS2 to be much vibrant nowadays, with many modern eatery and shop. She is transforming and adapting well with modernization, and shall not be left out for a long time to come. The wind is strong and cooling, and much cloud covers sunshine. The weather is just nice, perhaps SS2 have nice Feng Shui as well.

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