Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Now I feel happy every morning

Today while I was having breakfast, I found that I had been feeling happy in the morning ever since I had been stationed at the client site at Bukit Kiara. I enjoyed reaching my workplace within 30-45 minutes drive without much traffic jam, and still got another 30 minutes to spare for breakfast enjoyment. Lately I had been having breakfast at Devi's Corner in Desa Sri Hartamas quite frequently, watching some sports replay on Astro and read my book (Mars & Venus) peaceful. Though it is simple, but I really enjoy the moment of having breakfast outside before heading to work. It seems so relaxing and enjoyable, not to mentioned I could prolong the moment a bit by going go work a bit later. Now I recalled the moment where I was stationed at a local bank and have the opportunity to have breakfast at KLCC and start working at 10 A.M. Ahhhh ... such simplicity in enjoyment. There is something to do with morning and work late.

Today is procrastination day. I start by visiting my favourite blogs and checking emails. I spent the entire morning helping Rocklon looking through some documentation he prepared, and before I know it, it is already lunch :) We meet Yek for lunch at SS2, where our main topic of discussion is talking bad about a very lousy person (office gossip?!!). Since I think I am ahead of schedule, procrastination starts to take over me completely for the rest of th day. I suddenly have this urge to undertake one of my pet projects. Though my schedule is very tight, but it would be so much FUN! I begin researching and start the project planning. It doesn't sound easy with many concerns, but it should be fun :)

I was supposed to attend dance practice session today, but it got cancelled (go home early should be nice as well, a little break perhaps). I left work at 5.50 P.M, anticipating bad traffic like yesterday and start taking many shortcuts. I manage to travel from Bukit Kiara to Puchong within 40 minutes during rush hour, not bad! Just by not getting stuck in the traffic already made my day better. I called my mom for dinner, but she had already eaten. I plan to pamper myself further by going to this Pizza & Pasta place. At first I want to have pasta, but then I saw this Apple Pizza for only RM 10, so I decided to go for it since it is cheap and special (should be delicious too, since it had this little chef recommendation mark there). This is a very nice little restaurant, though I have no idea what's her name is (Cafe something ... not very helpful huh!). She is beside Kopitiam in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Nice and quiet, not many people around. I wanted to take some pictures to post in my blog, but I don't own a digital camera. I took out my book-in-the-bag and start reading again, the atmosphere is really nice. It didn't take long for the Apple Pizza to arrive, and it is DELICIOUS! Really a good choice, nice smell, crispy thin crust, soft apple, cheese and perhaps some custard. Oh man! This is really my day. I have a wonderful dinner for just RM 11 (1 buck for distilled water).

Since I reach home early, I decide to go to my mom's place to enjoy some Internet access, and start blogging this. I also wanted to do some work on my pet projects, and perhaps some chatting before calling it a day. Then comes the spoiler for the perfect day, I couldn't find the key to my mom's house. I try to look for it for a while, but no luck. Thinking this could easily spoil my mood (No Way!), I decided to quit for the moment (I'll look for it later). That's the fact of life, it can’t be too perfect and spoiler must kick in hard or softly. My perfect mood is kinda tainted already :( Anyway, it had been a good day. 今日是好日。

I really found the Mars & Venus book quite an eye opener, probably a must read for all couple having relationship problem. Probably will write a sneak preview of this book, based on the first 30 pages.


meiru said...

hmm... today is not a very good day for me, almost being hit by a taxi!

d_luaz said...

Hit by taxi? You must be blur blur liao, want to learn from wynn izzit? take care la, you'll have your own good day.