Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wait Till You're Older

I am a HK movie freak, and "Wait Till You're Older" is quite a good watch for quite a while. The movie is simple, funny, touching and understanding. It shows us both sides of the mirrors of family matters, from the parent's perspective and the children's perspective as well. The movie fast forward the time by accelerating the growth of the main character, thus putting emphasize on appreciation of time and life, and always do the best with what you are given.

Why do I like this movie?
  • I am quite okay with Andy Lau (sometimes good performances, sometimes lousy), and Karen Mok is a very interesting actress
  • I like the way Kong Zhai (Andy Lau) grow up from a rebellious kid to be an adult and manage to have a adult conversation with his father, understand his father and realise his own mistake and regretting it (he learns appreciation and found happiness, though not much time is left for him).
  • The love scene between Kong Zhai and Miss Lee is very interesting and funny, for at least it is not too stereotype. If only real life courtship could be so simple and happy, without all the artificial barriers we created for ourselves.
  • I like the last scene where the old Kong Zhai ask his girlfriend, "Are you still going to wait for your boyfriend if he is not coming?” The girl answered, "I'll. Because I have time". Perhaps there is no deadline and no urgency, thus everyone takes their own sweet time before saying "I Love U" to your loves one. Sometimes, we might not even say it for our entire life.
At the end was quite a sad ending, as he hopes to turn back (getting older and dying), but there is no turning back. He regretted for being playful, but sorry no cure. The old man told him, "Too bad life cannot be repeated again. Yet, luckily it doesn't need to be repeated again". Not quite sure what it means, but somehow it sounds good. I guess he is trying to create the built-up for his next wisdom, "Knowing your fault now is still not too late. Life is filled with happiness, you just need to do the best with what you have". Kong Zhai accepting the brutal facts and knows his limit, he make use of the remaining time to see his girlfriend, to mend his relationship with his father and help to restore the relationship of his step mother and father (which he indirectly spoilt).

The movie did manage to squeeze a tiny bit of tears out from me, and it is a good reminder of things we always neglected and bring different perspectives to us. A good movie with eccentric music always manages to touch our heart, at least for the moment.

Go watch it and remind yourself of appreciation.

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meiru said...

Wish to watch this movie also after I read the synopsis from newspapers, though I don't like Andy Lau (but I guess he's much better now as compared to his old movies).

I like to watch touching movies. hmm.. if this movie can squeeze some tears from a guy(though just a tiny bit, hehe), perhaps it's really quite touching then :)