Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Best Night Out in Ages (Part I)

I bought a Latin Dinner & Dance (Desmond School of Dance - DSD) tix from Thomas on Monday, where my "date" for the night would be Li Mun. There is a long story and various explanations on how we decide to go together; to keep the story short - a sequence of chain reaction and blessing in disguise. We shall tag along with Fion and Derrick for that night. The rest didn't join as Thomas had limited tixs, and it is not cheap as well (a whooping RM 120 per tix). I decide to go since I didn't joined a real Latin dinner before (William & Luisa D&D not counted as it is filled with Line Dancing, and I only manage to get a minimal dosage of dance from there) and I enjoyed the company as well.

On Saturday, I get to wear another "cold storage" shirt (lack of social life) which I bought a few months back. White colour "party" long sleeve shirt with navy blue Dockers, and my working shoes (haven't got my dancing shoes yet). Leave the house at 6 and pick up Li Mun at 7. She had a simple hairdo with a pink colour one piece short dress and her usual dual-purpose pinkish dancing shoes with cute little berries. Still look as adorable as ever, and light/no makeup is just nice for her. It was drizzling when I picked her up, so I wait for her at the exact exit instead. Then she start talking her hairdo rushing experience at the saloon and how she manage to get prepared within 15 minutes after rushing home. She guide the way while I drive, since I don't know the venue. For a girl, she is pretty good and precise with direction (a rare thread).
Upon arrival, we felt a little bit of disappointment as the venue is an indoor sports centre (we were hoping it to be a hotel ballroom kind). It had many tables (with plastic chair) surrounding the two badminton courts, slightly better than William & Luisa's D&D. It is only half as bad, where we have table and air-condition, and no line dancing (hip hip hurray!). Fion and Derrick are already there before us, while Thomas and his partner arrived much later. The night was pretty alright, with many Latin songs and we get to dance a lot. A minor complaint is they played too many oldies (I mean Chinese oldies where it wouldn't turn you on for Latin dancing) with many Waltz songs as well (we don't know Waltz, sucks). The night proceeds with the usual speeches, Chinese Food (like wedding dinner kind of food) and the highlight of the night: performances by two pairs of Thailand couples.

The first pair of Thai couple (young husband and wife) is very young and beautiful. The guy is tall and handsome with nice penguin tuxedo, while the girl is pretty and elegance wearing a very nice white dress. This couple focuses of ballroom dances, especially a variety of Waltz and quicksteps (the couple bring a whole new meaning to the Waltz which I understand). My undivided attention was captured by them for the entire performances, as it is so elegance and nice, and it makes them seems so much like fairy tale couple. It was just superb, and everything from appearance (looks and cloths) and dances (elegant and hypnotizing) are just speechless. The second pair is Latin expert, where you could felt the fire and passion in the air. The couple are pretty people as well, where the man is a hunk while the lady is a seductress. The Latin dances are very exciting and fire-ry (hot hot hot), with much fun and energetic movement. The guy had a cute butt (comment by Li Mun) while the girl had perfect demonic figure (absolutely no extra fat on her - chicky mama). Both Ballroom and Latin are great watch.

The night continues with many dances, where we manage to get ourselves at ease dancing among expert aunties and uncles. Though we are an only beginner (bronze level) who knows very little dances, but it was nevertheless enjoyable. Besides, Li Mun is my favourite dance partner. Looking at so many old couples dancing together, we kinda felt that dancing is really bonding activity for couple (perhaps even more significant to retired couple). So much to share and enjoy. It would be quite a pity if only you enjoy dances while your other half didn't (for those who had boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife learning dances join them now and you shall not regret - take the 1st god damn step and break your artificial boundary).

To Be Continued ...

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