Wednesday, October 05, 2005

flickr photo sharing

I am in the midst of making more additions to Blue Dragon, as mentioned in my previous post. I have decided on using Flickr to store my digital photos.

Why Flickr (more FREE marketing) and some criticising as well
  • The site is powered by Yahoo!, thus I can be quite sure it shall be available for quite a long while and hopefully remain free (as long as the competition says so)
  • It allows me to upload a lot of photos at a time (batch upload), and Tag them. But it doesn't allow me to modify the title/description of these photos using this tool.
  • It offers 20 MB of monthly upload limits, which should be sufficient as I am not storing printable quality photos (I am storing them as 800 pixels).
  • Only 3 Photosets? Meaning I can only create 3 named album, which is too little :( a marketing trick to get me to upgrade to paid version once I am hooked to it
  • Allow linking on photo to blog site such as blogger, which is a plus for a blog addict like me :) (not sure I'll be using this feature, but it is an extra anyway).
  • And just in case I have some extra cash to spend, I can upgrade to the Pro Account for USD 24.95 per year (about RM 95). It offers 2 GB monthly upload limit, unlimited storage, unlimited photosets (shitty marketing strategy), permanent archiving of high-resolution original images and ad-free.
There are a whole bunch of Flickr competitors out there, but I just don't have them to evaluate them, thus settled for the big name. Mei Ru uses Sony's Image Station, but the site kinda force me to pay after one year, else they will delete all my photos (a big No No in terms of marketing strategy, Mei Ru told me they didn't do so after one year, but I don't feel safe either). Michelle tried WebShots, but I am not convinced either. My choice of Flickr is based on limited research, assumption that it is famous among bloggers and a good hunch. I added His Photo Albums on the left panel :)

PS: Flickr only allow you to view your last 200 photos only (There seems like no way to retrieve the rest, unless u pay for upgrade)

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meiru said...

Oh yeah, I also got a flickr account, but forgot about it already since so used to imagestation. Yeah, imagestation acct will expire, if it expired already, then will upload to flickr or webshots