Monday, October 17, 2005

I am Alive again

Last Saturday was the best night out I had experience in ages, as I had gone through quite a long dry seasons. I still remembered the 1st time I went for clubbing in 2000 together with my R&D colleagues. They are a cool bunch, extremely fun and friendly. I was quite a late bloomer for the clubbing scene, as I am a small town boy after all. I came to KL to study in 1998, somehow quite resist joining the "in" crowd for clubbing and drinking, as I felt couldn't quite blend in. I felt comfortable being with my fun colleagues, thus decided to join them for the night out in clubbing for the 1st time, at the now defunct Bali in PJ. This event seals my love for clubbing until now. I considered myself pretty much an introvert which pretty much handicap in socializing, not to mentioned dancing. But somehow, I really enjoyed the environment, the crowd and the dance. We continue the clubbing spree almost once a month, while my personal favorite that time is Emporium (too bad it is replaced by sucky Espanda). This was my clubbing prime time, where everything went straight downhill right after that.

Somehow, the cool ones start leaving the company and being replaced by geeks whose only weekend entertainment is playing free games in the office. Don't get me wrong, I like playing games in the weekend as well, but I was hoping for some night out as well. No more clubbing, no more dancing, only headshots with Counter-Strike (and Quake 3 Arena as well). I left the company after working there for four years (where half of it is extremely enjoyable), and decided to start my own business with a friend. The 2nd batch of R&D colleagues is good dudes, just that we are too geekish (I can be quite geeky as well) and not cool. When I went into my own business, all entertainment went downhill, totally. Just pure work and anxiety, absolutely not cool. After 6 months, I gave up and joined my current company.

The entertainment part had improve slightly, with some dinners, minor trips, movies and most enjoyable of all, yearly company trips. Clubbing is nowhere to be seen, as I am one of the youngest staff there. Most of them are above 30s with family life to attend to. But my new colleagues are fun dudes as well, as we have quite a lot of outdoor activities like Taman Negara Trip, Climb KK, Rock Climbing, Roller Blade/Ice Skating, and a few more Makan trips as well (though nowadays are just Birthday cum Karaoke session). I really missed clubbing. Knowing Li Mun and her frequent clubbing life made me felt old, so lifeless (felt like reaching "uncle" stage already). My ex-boss once told me, when your are 20s, you go for clubbing and pubbing. When you are 30s, you just do pot luck or go for dinner and chitchat. 4 more years to go before the end for me :( Anyway, last Saturday I had a really fantastic night out. It seems like I talked too much of old schools history. I shall save the rest in the next blog :)

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