Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Rock

Few days ago I have my usual discussion in the car with Rocklon about our division’s direction and how to go about regarding the product development. He needed to strategise and report to the CEO, and included me as part of the plan and asked for my opinions. I felt that it is time to tell him of my intention to leave the company seriously (I jokingly told him about it one week ago), as I don't want to disappointment him in the last minutes. I could sense that he felt quite a shock when I break the news to him, which makes me feel bad as well. I enjoyed working with Rocklon, but it is the company's culture and strategy which pushes me away.

When I first joined the company, the 2 seniors in the division are Rocklon and Cham. Cham is a chatty person, which could become quite nervous at times. Rocklon is the cool one, man with few words. Though they might have different personalities, but they are very good friends. They acknowledge my capabilities soon and we became very close friends, together with Weng. Though Weng and I are not very closed, but Rocklon and Cham becomes the mediator which glued us together. We were quite a team, with good understanding and co-operation, and work as a team seamlessly. Soon after Cham left for a much better offer, hopeful of us to join him. I couldn't join him at that time due to uncertainties and worry of too much of work pressures (which he is in now). Cham is really a great person, and I enjoyed his acknowledgement and appreciation, not to mention his chatty personality and jokes (and seriousness). I think Rock felt quite a shock and sadden when Cham left as well, so do I. Less one person who understand and appreciate us.

Today is my turn to leave the Gang of Four. I never quite felt sadden about leaving the company, but it hurts me a lot for leaving my friends. I kinda felt like betraying them, for not be with them when they need me the most. I believe in my friends, but I have no faith with the company who doesn't listen to us. It really hurts me when I break the news to Rocklon, trying to cover it up by explaining the many reasons of my departure. "Sorry Rock! Perhaps there are better ways and environment for us to work together". I really like Rocklon, as he is a humble, talented and hardworking person. We have a lot of synergy, discuss a lot about work, with many common understanding and excellent teamwork (not to mentioned driving me home for so many times, thanks). I appreciate your friendship and kindness, and really hope we have the chance to be a team again in the future.

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meiru said...

I felt the same also when I left my previous company. Felt guilty to my ex-manager and ex-colleagues, as we'd been so friend, and working together for so long as a team. But 天下无不散之筵席, 有缘再合作,有缘再见啦!