Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Best Night Out in Ages (Part II)

The night is still young and we start planning our next destination, clubbing. After much discussion, we settle for SODA in Desa Sri Hartamas. Surprisingly, Pheng and Corinne joined us as well (golden and happening couple). SODA is quite alright, packed with the usual youngsters (suddenly felt old again). We bought 3 bottles of wine for entrance (someone gonna finish those, definitely not me). We got a nice spot in the upstairs (VIP treatment). We hit the dance floor soon as that is the only thing left to be done (unless you enjoyed drinking and watching young girls dancing on stage). Corinne and Fion are quite a party girl, so is Li Mun. Derrick and Pheng not quite a party guy, but luckily I managed to blend in nicely. Finally, after so many years, I am back to the clubbing scene and hitting the dance floor again, with 3 pretty girls. The music kinda sucks at first (playing some meaningless and dry techno sounds), but it sort of got slightly better after that (got even better when we leave the dance floor, sucks!). I lost count of how many hours we spent on the dance floor, but it was just great. I felt much at ease, especially after all the dance lessons. The girls are a playful bunch, and we have lots of fun. There is this weirdo guy who try to hit on Li Mun and Fion, and Corinne’s sister and boyfriend/husband doing something weird (no detail, I even have to close my eyes). Clubbing and dancing with Li Mun is really fun and enjoyable, and we have our moments.

We got back to upstairs after tiring ourselves with our craziness. We have our wines, doing our hip hop moves when we heard the Usher's Yeah! song, mimicking the Thai Latin dancers' movement, more light dancing and ended with the girls trying to finished up all the wines (the guys are driving, no drink and drive). Li Mun got challenged into bottoms up, as Corinne and Fion is quite a hustler drinker. We left the place soon, with Li Mun getting slightly high. We stop at the Mamak to have a drink before sending her home. Fion was suggesting I take this opportunity with Li Mun (Yeah baby!), but somehow just couldn't do it (perhaps I am too conservative, crap! or it is just not my style - idiot). This is a really an awesome night, something I had missed for centuries. I really had lots of fun, hopping this trend will continue ;)

Too bad no photos for the entire nite out :(

Mental Note: As my blog involved more people besides myself, I can't really write truthfully anymore without affecting others (without their consents). Perhaps it is the end of "truthful" era for Blue Dragon, this really sucks.

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