Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mounting Pressure

I could actually felt the mounting pressure by the following symptom
  • Heavier breathing & faster heartbeat
  • Phobia of picking up my hand phones
  • Phobia of checking my emails

It had been mostly work related. The more you desired, the more challenges you have to take up, the more problem will look for you, the more pressure will built up and the more you have to learn to cope and handle them. As usual, there is no free meal in this world (as everything comes with a price, either knowingly or unknowingly). Even for climbing corporate ladder, the higher you go the more responsibility you have to learn to handle. Unless you adopt the "bo chap" (don't care) attitude until everyone hate your guts out, where you could take your monthly big fat salary by just coming late to work and go home early (not as if you need to do any work in between).

Since I am a serious and hardworking person with anxiety thread, guess I would have to deal with all these. There is only so much which is within my control, I just hope for the best for the rest of things. Things shall turn out nicely in the end and I shall survived with minor bruises :)

* Take a deep breath * Help!!!

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