Thursday, October 27, 2005


DF9803, my diploma class code when I am in my college. DF means Diploma Fulltime, 98 is the year of my intake (non Y2K compliance), and 03 signify the 3rd intake. I think some lecturer proclaim us to be the nosiest class of all, not sure izzit Raj Kumar or the other local Indian lecturer. Come of think of it, the class is actually kinda cool and fun, with a variety of people. We have a few genius, a handful of hardworking outstation guys, a whole bunch who doesn't like to study, while another bunch just come to college to kill time, and of course we have the usual party dudes and gangster wannabe.

I remember John and Shezan, as most of the time they sit behind me. I was wondering whether they are millionaire by now or mafia lords. These guys are actually pretty cool and funny, where they already strike their million dollar deal selling hand phones while in college (wonder why they didn't gave me some free hand phones). Somehow, they match each other, like the two host in Ar-Ha.

Then we have the good local boys club, where excellent hospitality is provided by Foo Ming Siang. He is really a very nice chap, and I kinda regret for didn't appreciate him more as a friend by then. We did projects together, have lots of supper and watch footballs. He had another 3 good friend, while one of them is Troy Khoo. This guy kinda nice and cool as well, where he likes cooking and is good at it (a good man for the ladies). Ming Siang is a bit geeky by then, but thinking back, he was really a very kind and great friend which I have lost contact at the moment.

Then we have the chicks, Yvonne and Michelle. I think they are cousin, where Michelle came from Ipoh and stay at Yvonne's house. They are pretty nice girls as well, but they are with the party crowd at the moment. I just came from a small town and couldn't quite adapt to their fast and furious KL lifestyle, and they like ciggies (no no). But I think they are good people, and I kinda like to hang out with them (as long as not in the fast lane). I did a college project at their house once, where Yvonne's dad brought us to have supper in some back lane in KL, I think it is beef noodle. Somehow, I think I like the night and the setting, thus still able to remember it. Not sure if Michelle have a thing for me at that time (ignore this if you are Michelle), but somehow the atmosphere or lifestyle just doesn't match.

The we have the Magdeline, Irene and Kim gang. They are locals as well, and are friends since god knows when. They are kinda funny, and are good people. Somehow Magdeline manage to get quite a good results in her SPM as well, genetically smart or hardworking? They are pretty alright to hang out with. Then we have Kay Bee the super modal. She is tall and quite pretty as well, but her boyfriend is not exactly tall and the couple looks interesting together.

Now we have the outstation gang. People like Chen Siang and Kim You are usually more hardworking than the locals, as they leave their home and come all the way to KL for college. We have Joey a.k.a "Art Designer", who is a art designer (just kidding! but I think he may want to be one). Sam the handsome chap, speak softly and should be a ladies' man as well, left for Australia after diploma.

My gang mostly consists of Kenneth Lim, Andrew Keith (jwalker) and Theng Yong (Bush). We hang out most of the time for games, and sometimes for project as well. I can't quite recall how do we spent time together, perhaps mostly on Starcraft and Atomic Bomberman. Kenneth had started his own company even before he left college (never steps into the corporate world). Andrew Keith is talented, but might have some attitude issues when working with others. Theng Yong is cash rich and had his own company as well. Gun stop study after diploma, and venture into the "underworld" (muahahahaha).

They are still many more of them (don't under-estimate us). DF9803 is really a very interesting class, which I am more amused by it now than then. DF9803 RULEZ!

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meiru said...

oh... then I was your "senior" in APIIT. My diploma class code was DF9708.

Reading your post reminds me of my college time. I remember there's 1 lecturer (Muthu? got lecturer with this name?) used to call me and the other 2 of my coursemates "The 3 musketeers" coz 3 of us always sit together to chat and laugh loudly, never listened to his lectures..haha