Saturday, October 08, 2005

Malaysia Blogosphere

After quite sometimes into blogging, I start wondering about the Malaysia Blogosphere. Who is the most influential blogger in Malaysia? Google seems to favour Jeff Ooi, as a lot of links and articles point to his blog. Though he might be the most influential blogger in Malaysia, but he is not the one I am looking for. Jeff is a serious journalist and blog much about current and domestic affair from a critical view point (I am not a big fan of his blog, as it is kinda too serious for me, so I can't introduce him properly, but I like to see blogger like him to stick around for a better tommorrow for the community perhaps). According to Jeff's blog, Star Two features 4 most popular blogs, mainly Peter Tan, Claire 'Minishorts' Khoo, Tew Hui Suan and Kenny Sia. Perhaps I am not too fond of the older bloggers, so probably I am looking for someone like Minishorts and Kenny Sia. I have yet to read much of Minishorts, but Kenny Sia's blog is pretty much light and entertaining, talking about simple and funny thing in life (my kind of blog).

After some further digging, I found Project Petaling Street: A Malaysian Blog-tal and MalaysiaTopBlog which keep track of all Malaysian blogs. As of 09 October 2005 1:42 A.M, Lim Kit Siang is the top blog in MalaysiaTopBlog, followed by Sultan Muzaffar and Shoalin Tiger. Though I am suspicious how these pages are ranked, as Total Votes and Total Hits doesn't quite go in sequence. It is pretty hard to find the most popular blog in the Project Petaling Street, as blogs are categorised and ranked based on ratings and click-through. Aizuddin blog should be quite popular as well (I think he maintains Project Petaling Street).

Next question, which are the hottest Malaysian Babe Blog? I have yet to have time to research more on this, but I have some clues from Kenny Sia's "Babes of Malaysian Blogs". He had quite a detail description of each of them, but I had just roughly glanced through some of them. Below is a simple list from his site, just in case you decide to go for the goodies directly. Of cause, his site got a more complete previews and pictures as well :)
This gave me another idea. Kenny (kennyf, not Kenny Sia) and I wanted to create a website of all the Malaysian street beauties, but we don't have the resources and connection to get hold of all the pretty girls and conduct interview with them. An easier alternative to this project would be to list all the babe blogs in Malaysia and tag them, thus giving more depth to these girls (it is your writing after all) and still be able to do what we intended to. Then probably we could work further on this project from here. Sounds good to me.


Rumours had it that PPS is facing some technical difficulty, thus Rojaks suggested the following sources for your daily dosage of Malaysian Blogs:
  • blogsmalaysia (a supposingly refinement of PPS, the new uber Metablog, look promising)
  • Project Kacang Kuda (cover a few SEA countries as well)
  • SARA (Southeast Asean Blogs - a Community RSS Aggregator)

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