Sunday, October 30, 2005

Great Week Ahead

This week is a lucky week, as I had won a 512 MB Thumb drive for an interesting piece I had written. I quite like the article, as it is so true yet inoffensive (though not all might feel the same). Nothing much happened this week for update, but next week would be great.

Next week I am on one full week holiday, YEAH! It had been quite a while I have such a long rest without any plan for vacation. The only planned activities are Dinner & Dance on Sunday night and Ice Skating on Wednesday morning. The rest of the week is pretty much free with much time for various activities. Hmm, what do I have in mind?
  • Blogging, and lots of them. Not sure whether I have so much to write about by staying at home, but it does help to keep the time occupied and make me happy.
  • Clearing backlogs of freelance work. Hopefully I can clear one or two of them, lessen the burden and anxiety a bit.
  • Making Movies. I have 2 tapes of unprocessed video, one for Rock Climbing and another for Karaoke Birthday celebration. Ops! I have another 4 tapes for KK Trip yet to be processed. So much work :( Perhaps I could spend a day or two on it.
  • Pet Project. Probably start working on a prototype for one of my pet project which could shoot me to stardom and richness within 3 years, muahahahaha.
  • Lots of online and chatting, but not sure who might be online.
  • Sleep. This is outta my control, nevertheless I must allocate time for it as well.
  • Working on the ICT teaching syllabus for my cousin’s academy, never imagine one day I might do this for the kids.
Seems like awful lot to do in a mere one week. I hope I have time to rest and survived the onslaught happily. Happy Holidays!

PS: I had tender in my resignation, but Rock is reluctant to accept it. Perhaps after the Holidays.

PS: Rock might be a Papa (Rocky Junior) during this Deepa Raya holidays, I pray for his family's wellness.

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meiru said...

My holiday even longer with nothing to do at home! sounds great to me though! Hurray!! :D