Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hip Hop Friday

Adding Hip Hop on Friday does make it my favourite day. Usually I does not particularly like Friday just because it is nearing the weekend, but I does like it now because I really do look forward to it. Be it because of Hip Hop, be it because of dancing, be it because of meeting all the people I like.

Work does not end particularly well on this Friday due to some communication problem with the client. Some people are just naturally more difficult to be dealt with, and perhaps it is the weaknesses on our communication aspect as well. But, I am not gonna let that spoil my Friday. I leave at 6.00 P.M and reach KL at 6.30 P.M. I hang around Lot 10 to kill some time before meeting Tang at her place around 7.00 P.M. She accompanies me to pick up some books from Borders at Timesquare. I am back in reading craze again and had just finished Crossing the Chasm, and am looking forward to pick up 2 books, mainly Peopleware and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Peopleware is an IT Productivity book which is quite difficult to find, I had tried Kinokuniya and Borders but does not prevail. Borders can order it for me for a whooping RM 150, so I put it on hold (Amazon would cost me USD 33.95 (RM 130) as well, excluding shipping cost, so the book is indeed expensive). I try looking for the Mars & Venus book from the Borders's Book Search System, and the result return does not quite reflect their current stock. Somehow the system at their counter is more accurate, why is that so? But one thing for sure, their staffs are extremely helpful. I have been wanting to read about Mars and Venus for quite sometime, probably because it is a best seller (can't go too wrong with it) and learn my fair bit about relationship between men and women. So, I got my book and we go back to Tang's house for dinner. Li Mun is back by then. Tang's Grandma (a.k.a Li Mun's Mom) cooked some steamed chicken and a vegetarian meal. The food is pretty good, but I still feel awkward eating in their house. I help to wash up the dishes, that's the least I could do after having two free meals there. Kenny called me for dinner, but I had already eaten, sorry man.

We left the house at 8.45 P.M for ice cream, a very expensive ice cream treat. Somehow I kinda promise to treat Li Mun, and somehow I cannot remember why I promise to treat Tang as well. Anyway, the reasons are not very important, as long as we are all in the mood and every felt happy. Haagen Dazs ice cream, something I had never bought in my life until now :) one scoop is RM 8, two scoops is RM 14 and 3 scoops is RM 18, so we go for 3 scoops. I roughly remembers the flavours are Cheese Strawberry (my choice, and a good one), Rum Raisin (Tang's) and Mag-something (Li Mun's). This is the 2nd time we have ice cream together, and the girls do enjoy it, and I am happy because they like it. I found out Mei Ru will not be coming tonight, so Kenny is alone now? So I called him to come over and join us. Once he arrived, he keep blabbing and complaining about work at a very difficult customer site, and that bored Li Mun very much, but Tang is a big listener. We went for the class after that.

Today we have 1 newcomer, Fion (I thought she is busy as wel for this week). Li Mun's friend is still unable to join us this week. The new girl from last week didn't make it, as she had went back to her hometown. Just found out the new girl and the hip hop boy is from Ipoh. Somehow Jeremy didn't quite make it, and we speculate he is not quite into Hip Hop. Somehow Mei Ru made it, though a bit late and without shoe. And surprisingly Jeremy made it as well at the end, 10 minutes before the class ended. Hip Hop is quite a fast class with many steps to remember, but it is fast, fun and challenging. You must really have the energetic Hip Hop feel to really like the dance, and Thomas (the tutor) is much strict and demand us to perform better. He had built up some expectation on us. There are 2 songs we are using, one is by Usher and I have no idea what song is the other one (I am no good with songs and title). Today is pretty tiring, which is good. Hip Hop is very different from Latin, and I like both of them for different reasons. Hip Hop had more character and attitude, more of personal confidence and style. Latin is more elegant with more body twisting, and synchronisation with your partner. Jeremy tried to get us to join ballroom dancing, but no one is interested (bad timing man, Hip Hop already took up the extra cash and time).

After the dinner, I sent Li Mun and Tang home, while Mei Ru followed Kenny. I though of asking Mei Ru and Kenny for supper as well, but they seems tired. We went for supper near Tang's place again, this time at the Mamak stall. I think we kinda tried all the spot around this area, maybe we should go further the next time (probably Cheras or PJ). We have our usual topic about dance, Jeremy, childhood, college, career, characters and gossip. It finished at 1.00 A.M (Tang need to go to the toilet) and I sent them home. I reach home about 30 mins later, had a bath and read my new book for a few pages and feel asleep easily. Many small happiness for me in a single day :)


meiru said...

was lazy to put on my socks n shoes :)

christine said...

The book of "Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus" is very good. I have this book in my bookshelf,too. This is a gift from my friend. This book helps me to understand the different of man and woman. This book is worth to read!