Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tang's Birthday

The biggest event for this week is Tang's birthday. Suddenly I want to something extra to celebrate her birthday, buy her a gift or something like that. It had been a long time since I last bought a gift for someone's birthday, excluding those where you shared with a bunch of friends and colleagues (I mean personal gift). She had been a really close friend and we share a lot together, which prompt me to do something for her (besides, I am in the mood).

My first choice was a miniature statue, where an artist would create a comical figurine of you based on your photo, with a certain theme. I was thinking to create a Tang with Hip Hop style. The sample shown there is pretty nice (I would like one too), but it is pretty expensive as well. It cost RM 168 for a 6 inch tall figurine plus another RM 18 for the base. They have very nice couple figurine as well with nice background environment, seems like a good and memorable buy for boyfriend-girlfriend as well. At first I was thinking of getting the colleagues to share it with me, but somehow I felt reluctant to organise the whole thing (plus giving myself a whole other bunch of excuses, LAZY pig).

After some thought, I would like to go for something cheaper, simpler and nice as well. Something she likes but don't usually spend on, perhaps with some personal touch as well. I decided to utilise my decade old Photoshop skill to create a Haagan Dazs DIY Voucher cum Birthday Card (a.k.a Tang Tang Haagen Dazs Birthday Voucher), offering her unlimited scoop of ice-creams :) Since the colleagues are celebrating her birthday with Karaoke on Friday night, I decided to give the voucher to her earlier on Wednesday instead. After dinner at her place, we went for the ice-cream. She claims only one scoop for herself and other for Li Mun (she kinda feel sad for failing her VISA interview to visit US in November). After that, we scout Star Hill for her potential birthday dinner treat, but the restaurant had yet to be opened.

Friday is the big day, where we are supposed to meet at 6.30 in New Way, but everyone is late due to the Ramadan Traffic Jam (and because it is Friday as well). The Karaoke session only start after 7.30, with dinner and lots of singing. Since Tang is a playful girl who always plays tricks on people's birthday, you could probably expect some "special" arrangement for her tonight. It started off with some minor party spray and pop by Kok Wai, followed by asking her to wear cup bra (bra made with a pair of cups) and a big lips (big red delicious smooching paper lips) together with hip hop performance as well. As usual, Tang being her sporting self can handle all these with ease (sap sap sui). There was actually a pair of male underwear meant for her by Kenny, but he didn't make it. The play session ended with more party spray and cake fight (until we were warned by the management for potential RM 200 fine). We left for Hip Hop class about 9.30, not sure how the rest of the group ended. It was quite a rush. Kok Wai seems to learn to enjoy singing as well and there this guy Eugene who sings like Power Station (动力火车), freaking amazing! BTW, for those who celebrate birthday at New Way with membership card, you will get free entrance and quite a good cake with sparkling juice (not bad!).
Makan Cake

Why so close ge?

Sabo in Action 1

Sabo in Action 2

Sabo in Action Final Piece

Sabo Complete

Another new girl joined us for Hip Hop tonight, so the class is actually getting pretty full. Kenny was here for the class, so he handed Tang the underwear. Tang said it is very ugly (it is a white male underwear with comic sexuality). The class mainly consist of practicing, as Thomas is quite dissatisfied with our performances. I do realise guys have a more solid steps, while girls' steps are more floatatious. While the night is still young, we plan to let it live on with more partying after class (it is kind of sad to let the birthday celebration just end like that). Kenny didn't join as he had something on the next morning, while Mei Ru probably feel tired or not interested. Jeremy ditch his midnight movie partner to join us, haha.

At first we kinda plan for Zouk, but end up at BarFly. Perhaps Zouk are meant for younger people, and we are no longer that young. BarFly is pretty okay, with more R&B songs (less Techno) and working class people. Not much of a dance space, but still a pretty okay party spot. Steve seems like a good boy who doesn't party much though he dance Latin very well, but he manage to blend in nicely. Jeremy is not much a party person as well, and I wonder why sometimes he invite us to Thai club? (just for drinking or ...). Derrick is really a hustler, someone who can sweet talk, be cool, spontaneous with superb pool skill. As usual, we have Fion and Li Mun the party girls, and Tang is pretty alright as well. The night is quite enjoyable, with lots of dancing and being crazy with lots of fun. I think a lot of people try to pick up Fion all night long, and we have the usual sexy waitress with skimpy dress and dance occasionally. We even manage to dance Rock & Roll in the club, not bad at all! Li Mun bought a cute cow doll cum flower from a flower girl as Tang's birthday present, a really hardworking and business-savvy flower girl she is. Steve had the same symptom as Kok Wai, where his face will turn instantly tomato red after in contact with alcohol. The nigh ended at 3 plus, with supper while strategising path to avoid road block.

The night is pretty awesome; I hope Tang had fun :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tai Kor Lui la, Sang Sang Seng Seng ar!

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Anonymous said...

Hope it is not too late to say TQ. Actually i found this site coincidently when i try to look for KLDA map.

And i think u r nice for the thought of 'I was thinking to create a Tang with Hip Hop style.'

Hhahah :D but too bad at last u didn't do it due to money constraint... hehehe :P