Saturday, October 01, 2005 social bookmarking

Somehow, I felt that Blue Dragon is quite a comprehensive online representation of who am I. It has my life's memorable events and many of my thoughts from time to time. I decided to make Blue Dragon more complete, by starting small. First of all, I started to record down all the small happiness in life which matter to me in the previous article. For today, I will be utilising (a.k.a delicious) social bookmarking to keep track of all web sites which matter to me.

Why use delicious? (Ahem! Time to do some promoting for this great peace of idea)

  • It allows you to bookmark your favourite web sites online. Imagine you bookmark all your favourite web sites at your workplace's browser but not able to access them from home, this is the solution for you - Access from home, office, anywhere!
  • It allows you to share your bookmarks with others, just like what I am doing. Click Me!
  • It allows you to know how many people enjoy the same site as you do, as all of you bookmarked it as well.
  • It allows you to categorise your bookmarks with tags, and to find out what other people had tagged which fall into the same category of interest to you (in other words, to find more relevant links of the things you are interested with).
  • Just in case you feel bored and run out of web sites to visit, go to / popular to find out what popular sites other people are visiting in the Internet.

You can learn more about how to use delicious here, you can check out the complete tool collections for Delicious to make yourlife easier (or more difficult). The only tool I used is Foxylicious which allow me to sync my Delicious bookmark to my browser's bookmark (for Firefox only). It also contain minimal feature to make posting to Delicious easier.

I had modified Blue Dragon's left side panel to accommodate for these new additions. I shall add in photo and video archive, and perhaps my favourite books review as well.

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