Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blue Dragon 100th Postings

Today I had marked my 100th postings for my blog, freak’ in amazing! I decided to celebrate it a bit, by creating a 100th postings banner for Blue Dragon. Since I haven't got the time to draw a cute little blue dragon, I have to get it from somewhere for the moment.

I had enjoyed writing, as much as I enjoyed dancing, and both is equally new and exciting to me. Not sure if I could ever reach the next 1000th postings mark, but hopefully I would enjoy myself along the way. I like Blue Dragon to be a place to discharge my emotional pressure (rather than just talking to myself pointlessly), to immortalise my memories and to share my most intimate thoughts and feelings with my close friends (as much as I could). I am glad some of them are taking up blogging as well, and I am thankful they are interested with me and read my blog as well (as much as I like to read theirs). Though I am not ready to share this with everyone I know at the moment, but hopefully someday I would be able to do so.

Blue Dragon knows of my ups and downs for the past few months, my happiness and grumpiness, my pointless thoughts and brilliant ideas, and I enjoyed reading them back once in a while as if I am reading someone else’s blog. Blogging is just crazy and phenomenal, both reading and writing is enjoyable and addictive. Probably one day I would look back and laugh at what I had wrote and done here.

Let’s celebrate, YEAH!


meiru said...

hahaha... congrats! congrats! kong hei kong hei!! Happy 100th Postings in Blue Dragon!! Cheers!

christine said...

yeah! congratulation! thanks for your sharing in your blog! but don't stop to share truefully( as I read you previous article that you tend to stop writing trueful). I think that it is a good way for your close friends and your blog fans(at least Meiru and I always visit you blog ^.^) can know you more through this. Haha, thank you for introducing such trendy stuff for me as well. Yup, I agree that writing and reading blog is addictive behaviour. At least I am addicited in this habit , especailly after I have install statistic counter in my blog, I totally understand how excited to read the statistic, heeeheeee.