Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lim Keng Yeik Rulez! (Hopefully)

I read an article from The Star's newspaper In-Tech technology supplement that Lim Keng Yeik (Minister of Energy, Water and Communications) vows to make broadband "fast and cheap", and I really pray he keeps his promise swiftly (not that I really have faith in it, but it is better than nothing). I won't say broadband is extremely expensive (though it is rumored Korea and maybe Singapore offered cheaper broadband) at the moment, but the main problem is broadband penetration rate, which is less than 1% in Malaysia.

The main broadband supplier in Malaysia in StreamyX by Telekom. Though their services faced many hiccups in the beginning, but I think it is getting much better at the moment (StreamyX probably have 100K subscribers or more). My area's phone services is provided by Maxis (usually Telekom dominate these phone services, except for a few special location for "false" competition fairness sake), thus I think that is why Telekom does not provide its broadband services here. I was so happy when Maxis announced its broadband services in my area, but I was immediately disappointed again when I was told the service is not available for my street. Argh! How big is Pusat Bandar Puchong man! I was told about 5 months ago that my street should be covered in 3 months time; I guess my street is too puny to be covered. The problem is most of the adjacent residential areas have broadband access by StreamyX, except my area because we are under Maxis (you are supposed to be better than Telekom!).

So, YB Dato Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yeik, I am counting on you! You too Maxis, don't sucks in your broadband offering (as payback for your withdrawal from the Internet dial-up market, which raise my dial-up cost from 1.5 cents per minute to 4 cents per minute and still enjoy lousy connection). Give me freedom and boardband!

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