Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dancing couple?

Last Monday was my last Jive class, next week onwards is Cha Cha. Finally graduated! Tang brought Michelle and Mei Ru to preview the dance class, as they might be joining us next week for Cha Cha. Michelle actually likes dancing a lot, as she is currently learning belly dancing and line dancing.

There is this dancing couple in our class, Steven and Lily. I think they are dance partner for more then 3 years, and they dance very well together. Yi Man (still not sure this is her correct name) saw them have some argument and Lily left the class before it started. I think it is not easy to find a permanent-dancing partner. Does most dance partner end up as couple? Theoretically, this would be true because you would spend a lot of time together sharing and learning.

Seems like everyone had pick up a pair of dancing shoes. Probably I should too, but I don't know where is the shop is located. Probably I need to tag along with someone.

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meiru said...

hahhaa.. yeah yeah, quite a number of couples in our dance studio already.. hehe :)