Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Do you believe in fate?

I have a cousin sister aged 38 and still single. She is pleasant looking, healthy figure and quite alright personality. The problem is her social circle is very small and her life revolves around her own family. She helps her sister-in-law take care of her five children and manages her brother's companies from home. Since her time is fully occupied with little or none social activities with outsiders, the chances of her finding Prince Charming seem slim.

Let's talk a bit about family history. My cousin sister's father has two good friends, where they always meet for breakfast in the local coffee shop. The bought a piece of lands together, each owning a few acres. 3 of them eventually passed away (all of them died within 1 year from each other, strange). One day, a businessman decides to buy that piece of land, so the 3 friends' children met at the lawyer's office. My cousin sister met one of the friends' sons, which was her childhood friend as well. He was 42 and still single, and they click instantly. Fate? Maybe. They are together for a few months now, and might be planning for marriage soon as age is catching up fast. Though I believe in fate, but I think it is better for them to understand each other for a while longer before jumping in marriage. Best wishes for both of them.

Slim chance doesn't means no chance. Though there are less options, but only one good option matters.

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